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I am a new grad and just got my first job on a medical-oncology unit, I start in about a month and was wondering what I should expect on this unit. I'm extremely nervous and during my month before is there anything I should read up or freshen up on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Me too :/ I start on the floor on Sunday! Eek!


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Me too :/ I start on the floor on Sunday! Eek!

That's so exciting, congrats!

Thanks, you too! Personally,, I think the manager is crazy for having a new grad taking care of chemo and blood transfusions :p But, I know I'm not by myself, and I have 2 months of orientation, so...


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I always suggest:

1. Join www.ons.org. You get great deals on resources, CEU, discounts on certification exams, etc. You get the opportunity to network with other oncology nurses.

2. Take the chemo provider course. While it's true not all institutions require this (I think they should), you will learn a ton and get a good chunk of CEU.

3. Invest in ONS Core Curriculum for Oncology Nurses. It's a great reference tool for any oncology nurse.

4. Join your local chapter of ONS. Again, you get the opportunity for CEU as well as networking with oncology nurses in your area.

5. Give yourself time. Oncology is a complex, demanding specialty. You're not going to learn it in a day.

6. Although I took some knocks for saying this in another thread, I would suggest spending some time each evening studying. Even if it's just spending an hour doing a CEU related to oncology on, say, NursingSpectrum or medpage (they're free), do some studying at least 4 days a week. If you have a really interesting patient, come home and read more about his/her dx. Jot down some questions to ask your preceptor about the patient the next day. It will show you're taking initiative and interest in your learning.

7. Did I say "give yourself time"?

Best wishes. I hope you both enjoy your new careers.

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