Oncology Acute Unit vs Labor & Delivery

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So I am a New Grad Nurse and have been offered position in Oncology Acute Unit. I also interviewed for Labor & Delivery and have a feeling I will be offered that one as well. I always wanted to do L&D, but I really like the Oncology Unit staff that I interviewed with. Any suggestions as to where to go?

If you've always wanted to do L&D, then go with L&D if you are offered that position and it fits your needs. Weigh out the pros and cons of each position, though, and make a thought-out decision. Good luck!

Thank you for the advice champagnesupeRNova! I was just thinking about long term where I would get more experience as a New Grad. They always told us in school to go to Med/Surg. first.

Tough choice! I'd say if you have any interest in doing L&D, start now and get a nice long orientation. Oncology will probably still be an option down the road if you don't like L&D. Where I work it's harder to get hired into OB once your new grad-ness has worn off. My managers typically hire 1 or 2 grads and the rest of the openings get filled by people with OB experience (occasionally applicants with ER or ICU experience). Good luck in whichever you choose!

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