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On the process of SRNA application and aftermath.

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Asherah has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CICU/Trauma/Resuscitation.

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I'm writing for all of us who have literally put our academic and professional lives on paper and submitted it to panels of lauded CRNAs waiting for their judgment, and in fact, asking for it. We are asking and have readied ourselves for the acceptances, rejections and the waitlist/alternate positions.  It can feel harsh, but after a month of waitlist decisions rolling in I've had a handful of notable realizations:  I have more support from my family, friends, work colleagues and providers than I could have ever thought imaginable and I will absolutely do this, even if not this year.  

I'm not sure about each of your experiences but I'm certain that by attending a few interviews and talking with a few of you here, the quality, skill, and character of those around me who are contending for these limited SRNA positions is very high.  I often wonder, what if we all had worked together in a critical care environment?  We would be an amazing team of self-motivated lifelong learners and a group of gritty clinical advocates for our patients.  

All this to say that asking to be judged and deemed qualified to quit my job, live like a pauper for three years and do the most rigorous thing I will ever do, and to be told...just keep waiting or try again next year.  You were almost good enough.  That cursory thought seeps in and you really have to tackle it and beat it down. This part of the process opens some unique thoughts about oneself, and it requires a person to push through when they don't receive an invitation they most wanted.  Try not to be too hard on yourself, enjoy this life currently and keep your head up! There are a lot of us out here gearing up for the next go 'round. 😎

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