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Hi everyone!

I'm currently on the path to starting classes for pre-nursing at Central Texas College this spring. I graduated with my AA degree in 2008 so it's been a few years since i've been in college, it definitely has me a bit nervous! Right now i'm currently taking a CNA course through the college and will be finishing that in December with the hopes of finding a CNA job along with starting college courses again.

Before I can begin taking classes I need to take the math portion of the ASSET test. Like i've stated earlier it's been awhile since i've taken classes let alone any math classes. Not going to lie i'm very nervous about this test, i've tried using online tutorials to re-fresh on my math skills. Is there anything anyone has helped them to refresh on math skills?

I'm also preparing myself for the Nurse Extrance Exam HESI(A2). Here at CTC its only the math, reading comprehension, vocabulary, general knowledge, personality profiles & learning styles.

Any tips on what to expect or anything to help with the preperation would be extremely grateful! :)


I understand your math anxiety. I am an intelligent person but math terrifies me because I don't think I had a great foundation and then I simply avoided it at all costs. However, when I made the decision to return to college (already have a BS) to try my best to get into the ADN program at my local community college the fear of math came back. I had to put my pride aside and made the decision to sign up for a math remedial class. I didn't tell anyone else what I was doing as they would have found it amusing, but it was the BEST thing I ever did! When the beginning of my math and drug class came around everyone else was scratching their heads trying to remember percents, fractions, decimals and ratios while I felt comfortable with them again!

In my opinion that is also the best prep for the HESI A2 exam and mine is coming up. If you don't have the time to take the class get ahold of the book from a basic, remedial math class at college and find yourself a tutor. I tried the learning "on my own" thing and for math it didn't cut it. Best wishes!

Thank you so much for your response! It would be in my best interest to see if there are any math remedial classes for me to sign up for, I didn't even think of that --- thanks! I've been searching for some books that would help me refresh on my math skills I just haven't found any that I really like yet but i'll keep searching!

Good luck on your HESI A2 exam!

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