On line MHNP programs?

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Hey friends,

i will be applying to Psych NP school. Ive done a lot of research- and the on line programs are a little overwhelming. Looking for some feedback.

I have a good feeling about Southern Alabama Univerities program. I like the there is a 3-5 days orientation which will give be a solid foundation of programs curriculum, and the opportunity to meet other students/staff to communicate with throughout. They also lay out their program nicely on-line, and they don't harass you on the phone like many of the others. I have a colleague that just got her DNP program there and she had good things to say. She's solid.

Does anyone have any feedback with this program? Or any other online programs (specifically psych NP). I value quality education and ideally would like to attend in class, but i wouldn't be starting for another year. I'm anxious to get started.

I really don't want to take the GRE as some require. Ive been practicing RN BSN for over 10 years, mainly in ED and some public health. I feel more than ready.

Any feedback is appreciated :) thanks!


Read the fine print. I almost started at Walden and then I saw you can't use your work location during business hours. Well, I work in mental health so that was a deal breaker as they required about 16 clinical hours a week. And mental health outpatient units are open the same hours I work so that's a no go.

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