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Hi, can you please post your hourly call rate to be on call, the call pay for when called in, number of hours of rest you are allowed before your next shift and any other incentives you receive where you work? We are negotiating our current contract and want to know what other places are making in the OR for some comparison. Thank you so much! In Chicago where I work call rate is $15/hr. When called in we receive time and a half for a minimum of 3 hours. We also get 8 hrs of rest from the time we punch out when on call until the time our next shift starts. 

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Bay Area , Northern California here. In House Union hospital. Academic Hospital. Base Call rate is 50% of your regular base pay (($40-60/hr) then if you are activated it switches to Time and half for the entire time you are in house/clocked in. We don't have a minimum hour for nurses at the moment so your time and a half rate ends when you clock out. You do have the option of staying the full two hours though and will then be paid, but most just want to go home after they are no longer needed. I def think that building in a minimum time like 2 hours would be beneficial for us when we negotiate our next contract at the end of 2024. Our CSTs get that (2 hours pay) on activation already. We have to get 10hours of rest before starting another shift and cannot work more than 16hours continuously . Hospital provides on Call housing (call room or hotel) if call is immediately following or preceding a regular shift . Given that the call pay is so generous, there is scramble in every service line in OR's to sign up for call so no one generally gets mandatory call assigned to them which is nice.

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