Who all is waiting for acceptace letters?

  1. I applied at UCO and OU and am now waiting, won't find out 'till March if I am in or not. I am about 95% sure I will get in at UCO so I am feeling pretty positive, not sure about OU though but I really don't care, I just want to get in SOMEwhere....lol

    Anyone else waiting and where did you apply?

    My friend applied at OSU-OKC (good school from what I hear) and didn't get accepted (but then again she didn't have all her classes completed) and they told her the cut off was 77 points....which if you have a decent GPA and all your classes done and do semi-well on that test it's not hard to get in up there (I figured out how many points I would have an it was 90something and I'm no genius) so if anyone wants to get into a good nursing ADN program, that is a good choice and not very competive to get into.
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