Where to buy OU scrubs??

  1. Just wondering if anyone can inform me on where a good place is to buy the crimson scrubs required for OU? I know that you can order them through OUHSC, but I was wondering if it is cheaper anywhere else. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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  3. by   mommy.19
    You can go to the Matthew's bookstore to get them, they have "OU" scrubs at other places but if you don't have the exact color/design as everyone else you're likely to get singled out and questioned about it (lol). They're pretty strict that everyone look the same. Like, our scrubs say "OU College of Nursing" and the scrubs they have at other places, like uniform shops, have OU printed all over them instead of embriodered. Anyway, I haven't found anywhere else to buy them from that actually look like the ones you can buy at the bookstore. :/
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  4. by   beth001
    Is Mathew's Bookstore in Tulsa? I am located in OKC so do you know any places around the Oklahoma City area?
  5. by   mommy.19
    At OUHSC there is a bookstore, both at the Tulsa campus and the OKC campus, just at Tulsa OUCN it's called Matthew's. Where do you go for your books? They should have scrubs there, but I could be wrong.