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  1. I know we're all in different programs, but I like to know everyone's studying strategies. I'm in the OU-BSN program and I feel like there is a ridiculous amount of reading materials and it would be impossible to do all the readings and take notes in time for the exams. Any Ideas???
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  3. by   CaseManager1947
    Well, sure as the sun came up this morning, you are gonna get a trove of all the right answers!!. In other words, everybody has their own little system, that works well for them. What I did for each college course, under grad and Graduate, was to purchase a separate notebook. In that notebook went all the printed material i got, any handouts, printed lecture notes, whatever came my way. I have know instructors to quiz off of those little handouts. Any readings assisgned, I'd read. Any articles she wants u to copy or copies for u. again go in the notebook. Looseleaf notebook paper for class notes. Any quizzes or junk they want u to look up on line, print off the page, or in some way have that blackboard quiz avail to study, print your answers/I can tell you, that this worked for me, others may have shorter cuts, but I managed to carry a 3.958 throughout grad school, so maybe it helped a little. Have all you calender of when stuff is due printed out so you can set deadlines for yourself, and possibly get some things done early. In my last semester of grad school, I was in the last phases of one of my research projects, and my computer totally melted down, couldn't get into word,,,, it was the last week . Save early save to disc and back-up everything. That's the only thing that saved me that time. To start that project all over in one week..... have all your stuff organized in your books that helps also.