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  1. Hello, I have been trying for about 3 years to get into nursing schools here in Calif. I have been rejected to one school, named as alternate twice, and am on two waiting lists that will probably not open up for me until next year.

    After a recent trip home to SE Oklahoma, I decided to put in apps at 3 different schools there for this fall.

    My GPA is mediocre(3.1), but I already have my sciences done and all pre-reqs actually-I have a BS in psychology. I have no paid HC experience/but lots of ER volunteer experience. I will have to take ACT over again for one of the schools.

    The schools are very tight lipped about my chances of getting in. The schools are Carl Albert State College, Southeastern State College, and Conners in Warner.

    IN Calif, most schools let potential applicants know the average criteria to be competitive. Nice of them since it can be a big time-waster applying to schools you have no shot at getting into!

    Can anyone tell me anything about my outlook of getting into these Oklahoma schools?

    FYI-I really love my beautiful Oklahoma and can't wait to move back! Thanks!
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  3. by   teebee
    Hi Cincin,

    I honestly don't know anything about any of the schools you mentioned, but I'd say you're chances of getting in are decent - at least better than in CA. You're GPA is definitely respectable - although I don't know what the avg is for matriculating students in ADN programs. In OKC for BSN programs, I think it's the average is about 3.4. Having your bachelor's already should help you - since most schools use a point system and having it will get you more points.

    Both Connor's and Carl Albert's websites publish their respective point systems so you can at least see where you stand compared to the max points available. I couldn't find anything about Southeastern State College and it wasn't listed on the Oklahoma Board of Nursings website - maybe Eastern Oklahoma State College? If so, there website did not give a lot of info.

    Sorry to not be of more help, just thought I'd at least reply to your message!
  4. by   OKERRN
    SE Okla University is in Durant, doesn't have a nursing program now if I am not mistaken.

    I don't know anything about Connors.
    Poteau is an okay school..

    I graduated from Eastern Oklahoma State at Wilburton. Good program, has a bridge from LPN to RN. One of my instructors, Wendy Hubbard, is the program director there now.

    What part of SE Ok????? I am from Idabel.....WAY down in the corner!

  5. by   bleu_3
    Southeatern in Durant DOES have a nursing program. It is in conjuction with ECU in Ada. It is a BSN program. I currently in the BSN nursing program at. ECU. If you have any questions, let me know. Oh, Southeastern works off a points scale. Your GPA and grades are worth certain amount of points. I believe last year the cut off for Southeastern was around 15-20. That campus only accepts about 25 students. Whereas my campus in Ada accepts 60.
  6. by   bleu_3

    You won't have to take the ACT again. You can take the Compass Test. It's the math, reading, and english portions of the ACT. The Compass test takes less time. My husband said it only took about 45 min. Something to check out!!
  7. by   SchiwartRN
    I'm currently in my second semester in the nursing program at Eastern Oklahoma State College and it is an excellent program. I would definitely give them a try as I didnt have to wait to be accepted in last year...and they just received a million + dollar grant and are planning on admitting more students. It's located in Wilburton OK and the instructors and director are top notch. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

    Class of '08
  8. by   SchiwartRN
    Forgot to mention, that I did have to take an ACT residual test on campus for application to the program...but it wasn't that more difficult than the tests in the program are!