so discouraging.

  1. I am a new nursing student at OSUOKC. My husband who is in the military just got orders and we have to move! I spent 4 years working my behind off, going parttime to help take care of the kids, going to night classes because of his work schedule, ect..and now tha i finally got accepted and just started we have to freaking move!!!! You have got to be kidding me.

    I know that when we move i will have to go through this whole process again. I know i will be either put on wait lists or get denial letters. I also know that once i do get accepted we will probably have to move again!

    We have looked at just me and the kids staying behind here and him moving on..but there is no way we can balance it. He would have to get a place and pay utilities and it just isn't fesable, although he is still tweeking numbers and thinks that as long as we live like a utter poor person these next few months and pay down some of our bills we *may* be able to swing it, especially if he can rent a room from someone at his new place.

    I just dont know. I don't want to register for classes and have my heart crushed when it just won't work.
    This military wife thing blows. Its like all my dreams and ambitions just have to be put to the side for his career..and while i do support him 100% i am just being whiney.

    All my hardwork the pay off i received by being accepted just got tossed to the wind.
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  3. by   roughmatch
    I'm so sorry : (
    That really does suck. I understand ... my husband was in the "oilfield" and we moved every five or six years. I'm now almost fifty, and finally getting close (one more semester) to getting to sit for the NCLEX. He promised ... no more moves (or he goes without me).
  4. by   0402
    Will you still be stateside? If so, I would start with investigating all of the nursing programs in that area and how your fulfilled prereq's match up with what is required out there. If there are just one or two that you don't have, look into possibly taking it online while you prepare to move/ move. I know that will be challenging, but it would at least help put you in a competitive position. I would also contact the base education center and see if they have anyone that can help you out with the local schools. I'm not totally sure how they would be able to help, but I would also contact Military to Medicine, as they do help with military spouses getting education/ jobs in healthcare- maybe they have some way to advocate on your behalf.
    I was lucky in that we were at our last duty station for 4 yrs. The first 1 1/2 were spent doing prereq's (I already had a bachelors, so it was mostly the sciences and a few random others), 6 mo. of waiting to start, and I graduated at the end of May, took the NCLEX the first week of June and PCS'd the 2nd week of June (and my husband was TAD the week I took the NCLEX, which was really nice). Good luck!
  5. by   Ginnym1981
    Oh man, my heart breaks for you!

    So unfair!!
  6. by   LDRNMOMMY
    That is awful! I agree, if you are going stateside then start looking into programs where you will be going. I'm a military spouse too and I totally understand how it is to put everything on hold because of my husbands schedule, deployments, and PCSing.
  7. by   Ciale
    First of all, I would be very very upset as well because I know how much work, patience and determination goes into getting in!

    Secondly, don't be so discouraged yet! It wasn't for learned a lot and your character has been strengthened by it. I'm not sure what your beliefs are, but I think everything happens for a reason and God does this kinda stuff to us because he has a plan. Wherever you're moving to, there's something there for you, something you were MEANT to do, something more important than OSU-OKC. If you want to be a nurse, get in touch with every one of those school's nursing department heads and explain to them your situation. If I was Head of the department and heard your story (assuming your grades were up to par..etc.), I'd let you into the program in a heart-beat.

    Good luck on your journey. Keep your chin up! Oh, and thank you and your family for their service to our Country. Even though he's the military man, I know it takes a whole family to give him the love and support he needs to be great.