School Scholarships. SF, SJ, HIllcrest?

  1. I need to apply for scholarships to pay for school. I have searched for SF and SJ information. My big concern at the moment is the patient/ nurse ratios. I have read the SJ is better concerning this. Any nurses working for any of these hospitals? are you happy? what is the patient load like and is it reasonable?
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  3. by   mommy.19
    What area are you interested in? I know at St. Francis, Med/Surg you can expect anywhere from 4-7 pts at one time, in ICU 2 at most. It just depends on the area, and you can definitely call HR at each hospital and get current information on pt/nurse ratios, or even visit a unit you feel you'd be interested in. You can do all this by contacting HR. I actually did this before I applied for my externship, I shadowed a nurse in the ICU. You'd be amazed at the info that nurse recruiters at hospitals are willing to share, all that I've encountered have been immensly helpful. Also, each hospital has guidelines for ratios related to different areas of care and also to acuity of the patients, and I'm sure if you were interested in a scholarship, the appropriate staff would be happy to go over those with you. Hope that helps a little!
  4. by   iwillact
    Thank you for the response! I called all the local hospitals and asked about scholarships. Im actually going to apply for the SJ scholarship. I just got hired on as a CNA LTC and St. Johns owns it.I worked there last summer and liked it. Its a high stress job but I think Ive grown a stouter backbone since then. The woman I talked to in HR at St. Johns was so awesome. I am so encouraged!! Im also going to apply for the state manpower scholarship if anyone has any experience with them that would be awesome. Im hoping that between the two Ill have enough to pay for everything.
  5. by   mommy.19
    Awesome! Glad you got something good worked out The PMTC is great, if you have a hospital scholarship, they will match it of you get the scholarship. Apply before june 30th for pmtc!! Just google pmtc nursing oklahoma and you'll find the app, sorry I don't have the link, I'm on my phone!
  6. by   iwillact
    I have the info for the PMTC. Im making myself a little sick worrying that it wont be enough to cover all the costs but Im taking a leap of faith and moving foward. Worse case the last year I will be working as an LPN and able to help pay the costs. Thanks for the reply
  7. by   mommy.19
    Worrying will do two things: nothing, and nothing! LOL. Believe me, I am the perpetual worrier type and my entire family tells me it's only going to give me high blood pressure and ulcers..haha. Anyway, what school are you going to attend if you don't mind me asking? And also, do you expect to get PELL Grants? Have you gotten any assistance during your pre-requisites? I would definitely speak to financial aid and apply for ALL scholarships you are eligible for, I did that and actually got enough money to pay for my apartment as well as books, gas, etc. I was PLEASANTLY suprised. Please apply for PMTC as well as hospital scholarship, that will be a great resource for you.
  8. by   iwillact
    I have used up my fin aid. Im about 11 hours away from my molecular biology degree and that used it all. I got a call from hillcrest today but I missed it so Ill call them tomorrow and see if it was about their scholarship opps. I will be applying for the manpower scholarship too. Ill be going to RSU and I am way happy about it.