rose state fall 2016

  1. Who all applied for the first semester? career ladder or traditional?? What are your points
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  3. by   atuttle22
    I applied for Traditional with 121 points.
  4. by   tdth
    I applied for traditional with 115 points for fall 2016
  5. by   kelleyk1991
    I'm tired of waiting already!
  6. by   kelleyk1991
    Have you guys gotten a letter yet?
  7. by   atuttle22
    I'm trying to be patient, but I haven't heard anything yet. I'm dying to know if anyone has gotten any news - good or bad!
  8. by   kelleyk1991
    I know what you mean! Since I applied for career ladder I got a letter saying I need to complete a class before I could enroll in fall! No acceptance or denial yet.
  9. by   atuttle22
    Same here! They sent me a letter around March saying I still need to take the Intro class, but not a word since. I'm on pins and needles!
  10. by   kelleyk1991
    Still waiting... Lol
  11. by   atuttle22
    I saw on the forum last year that traditional letters were recceived around May 4th'ish. My mail is notoriously awful, so I called up to the school to double check. I talked to Gail and she said that nothing has been sent out yet. She said we wouldn't be seeing anything until the 15th. We're in the home stretch!
  12. by   kelleyk1991
    If we should get it by the 15th, that means it has to be mailed this week. Lol the 15th is Sunday so hopefully we get it before the weekend
  13. by   atuttle22
    If I don't see anything today I just might cry crocodile tears. I can't stand this wait anymore!
  14. by   kelleyk1991
    This is cruel and unusual punishment lol