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  1. I am a new RN having received my ADN from TCC in May of 08. I have a non-nursing bachelors and I am going to take the OU Research course in the fall in preparation for entering the MSN program. I can try to test out of two undergraduate courses for Community based nursing and Leadership. The Community based nursing test is a NLN test. The Leadership test is a pass fail essay. Has anyone taken these exams? If so can you private message me or reply with ideas for success? For example, if you took either exam, what books did you use to study? How were the tests?

    Thank you all in advance!
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  3. by   Goodoldnurse
    First, you need to have clear in your mind what pathway you are persuing. If you are on the educator pathway, you want your BSN so you can adjunct or teach while finishing the MSN. If not, you may not need it.

    2nd, what you learn in these 2 classes can be invaluable in whichever pathway you take. I enjoyed them quite alot. They also helped when I took my masters level courses.

    My after going through the program.
  4. by   pajnra
    sorry, i won't be much help here but i just want to say congrats on ur success.(gosh, if only i can get there too)
  5. by   Lauri8218
    Information about OU's MSN programs can be found here:

    OU's College of Nursing had an information session in December 2009. You can view the session to get more information about the admissions process, etc.
  6. by   dottimur
    Thank you. I clepped out of the two courses and am now in my first masters course
  7. by   Lauri8218
    Quote from dottimur
    Thank you. I clepped out of the two courses and am now in my first masters course
    Congrats, Dottimur! Which MSN specialty are you in?