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  1. Hi Everyone!!

    I am starting nursing school in the traditional BSN program at the OU Health Sciences Center this Fall. I was just wondering if anyone who has gone there recently or goes there now could answer a question for me. I am wondering how the car pool/clinical groups work. What exactly do the groups do together? Do you really get to pick your groups? Are there strict specifications as to who can be in your group? Finally, how many people can you have in your group? If anyone could answer those questions for me, it would help so much. I think we have a group of eight at this point, most of us will be commuting from Norman.

    Thankyou so much for any responses and everyone have a great summer!!

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  3. by   crystal_castles
    Hey, I'm a senior in the OUHSC program. I know that clinical groups can get hectic but they do let say who is in a carpool and they do try to put you with people in your carpool group. You may only get 3 or 4 of the people you picked in your carpool group. There are no guarantees you'll get all eight people you listed. Just letting you know there is competition for Norman Regional because there are a bunch of people that live in Norman so you may get your carpool group but may not get Normal Regional if you were wanting clinicals in Norman. Basically you just go to clinicals with your group and usually you become close to the people in your group and form study groups. They usually divide people up for skills lab and for health assessment and even class based on you clinical group numbers. Hope this helps
  4. by   RayHFutureNurse
    It does!!! Thank you so much for replying!! We had orientation today. I am getting really excited about starting! Have you enjoyed your time there so far??
  5. by   crystal_castles
    Hahaha yea, I was suppposed to be at that orientation but couldn't make it. I'm the OUSNA Vice president. I have acutally really enjoyed my time in the nursing program. First semester was challenging because it's so different that what you're used to doing, but as the year progresses you get close to people, learn how the system works for the most part and realize you ARE learning things. I've made some of my best friends in nursing school and I came from OSU not knowing anyone. Second semester will definitely test you because there is SO much to do ALL the time so enjoy first semester even though you think it's kicking your butt You've picked an awesome career path that has endless possibilities. I didn't even realize all the things you could do until I started going to clinicals! Just stay ahead of the game and don't get discouraged. As cliche as it sounds; if I can do it you can do it

    P.S. Make best friends with Sherry and Darlene lol
  6. by   RayHFutureNurse
    Thank you so much for your advice!! I left orientation a tad bit overwhelmed...so that makes me feel so much better!!! =)