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  1. Hello everyone. I am wondering if there is anyone in here who has taken the BSN at OU in Tulsa. I would like to hear about your experiences with the program. Is it difficult to get in the program? Do you like the program? Any regrets? Any helpful advice?

    A little background information about myself real quick. I'm interested in becoming an RN. I have a B.S. in Chemistry, and have worked as a paramedic for 5 years, an EMT for 8 years. It's time to move on to better things now, and I feel that the RN route is the way to go. I live in Tulsa. I have many options when it comes to becoming an RN, such as applying to TCC, RSU, Connors State, and OU. All in all, I would much rather have the BSN rather than an ADN. Of course, there are always other options for that as well. I am intrigued by the OU 2 year program to obtain the BSN. I feel that it would be in my best interest to go to a full length RN program rather than a bridge program that is offered at some places for Paramedics. Well, I'm rattling on and on now. Thanks for any information!
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  3. by   Learn2Nurse
    Hey, I just joined this site today and I saw your question about the OU BSN program. I am also getting ready to apply to their program for Fall of 2008. I will be going the traditional route. I do not have a bachelors degree or near the experience that you have listed. It sounds like you will definitely be able to compete. I don't know much about the tulsa program. I do have a friend that graduated from the oklahoma city program in May of 2007. Her and her roomate and a few more members of their class didn't pass their boards the first time. I know my friend didn't pass the second time either.
  4. by   Soonerbred08
    Wow I thought OU had a great pass rate. My instructor told us that 3 or 4 people didnt pass last semester, but they all passed the second time around. I need to hit the books! Well Im a senior in the traditional program and I cant lie- Ive been very disappointed in OUs nursing program. Communication is a big issue. I also dont like how it's pretty much "on your own" learning, but I guess that's how most nursing schools work. I really dont know how any other nursing schools are so I have nothing to compare it to. I really could just go on forever how I OU is ****, but this is just my opinion and Im sure there's someone out there that would totally disagree with me.
  5. by   Learn2Nurse
    I just found out that my friend passed hers the third time. I was going to apply to the program for 2008. Tell me more about it. R u at the Tulsa program or Oklahoma City? There's just not many other options here for me. I have five kids so relocating is not really an option. I am already attending RSU but I refuse to take some of their prerequisites when I already have everything I need to go to a bachelors program.
  6. by   firefly81
    i am currently a traditional junior (non-accelerated and non-bridging) at OU-Tulsa and will graduate in May 2009. i have nothing but good things to say about the program. the professors are really helpful and pretty much have an open door policy and the clinical experiences have been great. you are in the hospital your first semester along with community experiences. this semester we got to draw numbers and sign up for which community experiences we wanted. OU students do their hospital clinical experiences at Hillcrest, St. John's, St. Francis, and Okmulgee (for those that want to do rural nursing--you volunteer for this rotation).

    your jr. year fall semester you will do just a med/surg clinical rotation, your jr. year spring semester you will do a more skilled med/surg rotation and also an OB rotation. the fall of your sr. year you will be in critical care/icu and also in psychiatry. in the spring of your senior year your give them like your top 3 choices and i'm pretty sure you act as if you are a new grad and you have a preceptor at the hospital you are at and you have way more hours to complete than previous semesters.

    as far as clinical experiences go, you will either do the longitudinal program (which is where you work at the OU physicians clinic near hillcrest and you do this community experience for all 4 semesters and you follow the same patients long term who have no health insurance and come to this free clinic with chronic illnesses--i think they only take 8 volunteers from each class--jr.'s and sr,'s). the other choices are the bedlam evening clinic, bedlam wound care clinic, bedlam diabetes clinic, healthy paseo's, OU physician family med clinic, bixby public schools and i'm sure they will have others by next fall.

    i do know that the professors said at the beginning of the year that the OU-Tulsa nursing program is the most competitive program of all of the OU Nursing programs (OKC, Lawton, and Tulsa). I think the acceptance rate at OU-Tulsa is like 1 in 5 but i'm not sure. i also think that they use a point system. there are no interviews, just the online application.

    i would highly recommend the program to anyone and we were told that the graduating class of 2007 had a 100% NCLEX pass rate (at least the Tulsa campus did, I can't speak for the others).

    hope this helps in your decision making and good luck in the application process!
  7. by   huggiebear
    Hey all, My name is Angela. I applied for the Fall 2009 semester for the University of Oklahoma campus in Oklahoma City or the University of Oklahoma campus in Lawton. I didn't get accepted to either because my science GPA was a 2.0, because I had only taken Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab (The admissions office said this was okay as long as I take a second Human Antatomy and Physiology with lab, since they equaled out to 8 credits hours with lab) anyways I ended getting a C+ in the first course. I ended up calling the Lawton Campus and they said that depending on what I get on the second course. I then have Chemistry with Lab and Microbiology with lab to complete my pre-req's, they said as long as I finish well, that they may be able to fit me into the fall semester if there are any open seats at that time. My question is because I won't be done with my pre-reqs until August 4th, has anyone attended the Lawton campus? How competitive is it to get in. What was your science GPA? Also if I don't get in to the fall semester going to apply for the Accelerated BSN in January 2010. Thinking about applying at a couple of other schools but not being from Lawton, not sure which colleges are around the area that offer a Bachelor of Science in Nursing(Far as Distance would prefer about an 1 hour and a half or less, willing to consider Texas if any of the colleges fall within that proximity. Btw I already have a bachelor of science in Information Technology Management, thanks for any insight