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So, is anyone else in this awful waiting period hoping to hear about acceptance from OU? I applied to the Tulsa campus, but I know admission decisions for the Tulsa and OKC campus were made at the... Read More

  1. by   juliaann
    It looks like there's one Friday with no class on the schedule they gave us...or maybe they just left the day blank on accident? Hahaha....
  2. by   NutraNurse
    Is everyone getting the book package offered by the bookstore? Is that really the best deal?
  3. by   juliaann
    I got the one offered by the bookstore. I will be walking or taking the bus most days and having the eBooks on my laptop sounds a LOT more friendly to my back than carrying around the texts.

    I know of at least one person who bought all the books off the booklist (not just the ones in the package) from Amazon for around $800.
  4. by   NutraNurse
    can you get ebooks on a Kindle??
  5. by   juliaann
    It said it's compatible with iPad/iPhone/iPod, but no mention of e-readers. I have a Nook and it would be nice to be able to access them on there, but I'm not counting on it. I think the Elsevier "Evolve" eBook thing is actually a program you can access from the internet and/or download onto Mac OS devices, not an e-book file you can download to any e-reader. Of course, my Nook and I think all Kindles have internet access, so maybe we can get them that way rather than downloading them straight to the device (as long as the "internet access" method doesn't require flash or anything fancy like that). I guess we'll see when they show up....
  6. by   RNBSN1000
    When exactly do we receive our books/scrubs?
    By the way is anyone else working up until the day the program starts? Unfortunately I have to. I hope it's not too much
  7. by   juliaann
    I went to the bookstore on Thursday last week (it took me a few days to decide if I was going to get the book package through the bookstore), and the employee told me we would get a phone call when our books and scrubs came in...she said it would be mid or late May. And then we can pick them up at the bookstore (in Building 4).

    Oh gosh that's too bad about work! I hope it won't be too stressful for you! I'm switching from full-time to PRN on May 22nd, so I'll have a week and a half to take a quick vacation and get ready...or I can work some PRN shifts that week if I want to. It'll depend on how my financial situation shakes up with loans and whatnot.
  8. by   TenliW
    Quote from Christina10483
    Hi! I just discovered this forum! I am starting at OUHSC in Oklahoma City at the very end of May (or is it the first day of June?). The program is 14 months long and ends in July 2012. Is anyone else on this forum going to be in my class??? I'd love to get to "know" some people a little bit before class actually starts. I'm super nervous!

    Also... is anyone looking for a roommate? I'm moving from the Dallas area to OKC!
    Hi Christina10483!
    I just discovered this forum and am starting at OUHSC in OKC at the beginning of June as well- so I think we will be in the same class! Im super nervous as well and have no idea what to expect but Im ready to get the program started! When are you moving from the Dallas area? I just moved up to OKC with my husband last August from the Colleyville area.
  9. by   Christina10483
    TenliW-- Hi!! You just moved from the Colleyville area? How crazy! I'm in Southlake right now, and I grew up in Keller! What is your name? Send me an e-mail -- Christina10483@yahoo.com. Where in OKC are you living right now? I'm so super nervous about school, and about moving to OKC, but I'm sure it will all be fine. That's cool we're in the same class!! What brought you to OKC in the first place?
  10. by   OSUshane
    Unless things have changed (which they haven't, though they did oust the lady stealing book money [did I just post that for the entire world to see? oops]), do not expect a call from the bookstore. In fact, don't expect ANYTHING remotely close to customer service from the bookstore. We had 10 people try to explain to the bookstore staff that ABSNs are different from traditionals after being told we were ordering our caps/gowns too late, despite having emails saying we were still well within our time limit.
    If you want anything from the bookstore, you have to stick to them like white on rice.
    I'm not exaggerating when I say it took 10 people. After about ten people went in there with the same story, they finally started handing out tassles.
    Here's another story for ya: for those of us who actually bought the cap/gown (the "absolute deadline because we have to order these ASAP" deadline was over a month ago), we received an email from the school (not the bookstore) last week saying they're in, but when people went to the bookstore they were told the packages were not even ordered yet. This is further complicated by the fact that they weren't even letting people have copies of receipts, mind you. I had to say, "Umm, then you're giving me a copy of that receipt, but I'm not leaving empty handed knowing how you guys conduct business."

    Oh, and about scrubs: we were told we'd have them by the start of school. We were wearing regular clothes to lab for weeks, though, because they didn't arrive in time.
    Teachers are understanding of the bookstore issues, though, rest assured.
    For you OKC'ers, I've been told the issues are minimal with that bookstore.
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  11. by   RNBSN1000
    Are our books/scrubs in yet?
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