OU Accelerated BSN Applicants?

  1. Did anyone else get their letter today? I got mine and was just curious if anyone else got theirs ( I had braced myself not to hear anything til next year). So, I was a little surprised when I got it in the mail.
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  3. by   okstatemkw
    Woo hoo! I got mine. It came sooner than I expected, too.
  4. by   ffweste
    YEAH OKStatemkw Congratulations!! I was so shocked to see the letter so early that I sent back my response with check that same night, in case they changed their minds...I think that they had the wrong person, too late, they have my money now.
  5. by   LanaBanana
    I work with 2 aides who are also accepted for that program. Congrats!
  6. by   ffweste
    Thanks LanaBanana!!
  7. by   CarmsOU25
    hello all and congratulations! i have not posted anything on this site in awhile, but my excuse is... accelerated bsn program!! i have read the previous postings and other threads r/t ou-absn and i do agree that the program is unorganized at times, but it has a lot to do with their online coursework computer systems. it is slowly getting better, but it definitely was not something i expected to deal with in the program on top of all the academics/reading. the summer semester was extremely fast-paced and the classes are organized into a block system where you focus on one for 3 weeks, then another for 4 or so, and so on. i personally like block scheduling, so the summer was not the nightmare i had imagined it to be. the fall semester was also busy, but it was more like a normal 14 credit hour semester. it is definitely challenging and there are sacrifices that you will have to make, especially for those who have families, but in my opinion it has been worth the hard work. time management is sooo important in this program. it saved my life, believe me! i got married during the fall semester in october and so i'm proof that you still can have life outside of school during this program. we weren't able to take a honeymoon b/c of my classes and with his military schedule but this august there will be a very long vacation. good luck to everyone in their nursing journey. if you have any questions or need notes or tips for the summer semester, feel free to email me
  8. by   ffweste
    CarmsOU25- Congrats on getting married and being over halfway finished, whoo hoo to you. Any studying tips would be appreciated