OU ABSN 2016 (OKC)

  1. Hi guys. I am applying to the OU Accelerated BSN program in OKC in August. At that time, I will only be missing one science (Micro, which I am taking in the fall). Anyone else here planning to apply to the OKC campus for June 2016?

    ALSO -- anyone who just started the ABSN in Oklahoma City for June 2015, do you mind sharing your cumulative 60 GPA and science GPA? I have been emailing with an advisor who gave me the stats for 2013, 2014 and 2015, but wondering from folks who are actually in the program now.

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  3. by   jmichelle614
    I applied to this program too! I am so anxious to hear back. Do you (or anyone else) have an idea of when letters will be sent out?
    My cumulative GPA is 3.70, science GPA 3.64- also wondering about the stats from last year's class.
    Let me know if you have any other information!
  4. by   lconnett
    Awesome GPA's! I honestly don't think you have anything to worry about! I have always read that notification emails/letters are sent out around mid-November... usually before Thanksgiving. Here are the stats from last year:

  5. by   jmichelle614
    Thanks! I guess what makes me nervous is that GPA's are basically the only thing they look at for admittance to this program. No letters of recommendation, test scores, etc... Oh well! Fingers crossed ;-)
    I can't see the image you posted for last year's stats, just shows up as a little "x" in a box.
    Thanks for the info though! Hopefully letters come well before Thanksgiving. I can't stand this anticipation!
  6. by   BSNnurse92
    Im currently an ABSN at the Duncan campus. I recieved my letter the week of thanksgiving if I remember correctly. I remeber it was close to the last day they said.
    For the GPA stats
    the average admited last 60 GPA was 3.62,3.63, 3.65 for lawton/duncan, Tulsa and OKZc programs respectively. The science GPA was 3.48, 3.65 and 3.7, all in the same order.

  7. by   tobeatravelnurse
    I talked with an advisor on Monday of last week. She mentioned that emails should go out that week. I did not receive one so my fingers are crossed for receiving one this week. Seems like we have been waiting forever. Good luck to all the hopefuls. ;-) I applied to the Tulsa ABSN. Everyone, please post as soon as you have any information.
  8. by   lconnett
    Did she say if results for all campuses were going out...? I would assume so. I applied to OKC ABSN only with decent GPA's, all but one pre-req done (I'm in it now) and Masters work. Not feeling too confident! No email yet for me! Thanks for the update.
  9. by   tobeatravelnurse
    It is so encouraging to ready about any activity isn't it? She did not say anything about other campuses, but I am certain they will release admission decisions fairly close together. Here's to hoping for answers coming this week!!!! I am finishing Micro and Stats this semester. Everything else is completed with A's. I hope it is what they are looking for.
  10. by   lconnett
    FYI: Received feedback from the College of Nursing advisor. She said ABSN decisions "shouldn't be too much longer, we usually target for the end of November to release decisions". Didn't specify which campuses, just asked in general about ABSN.
  11. by   jmichelle614
    Thanks for the update. Hopefully we will know before Thanksgiving! (:
  12. by   LovedMommyOf2
    I talked to the advisor yesterday & she said she still hasn't received the admissions decisions to her desk yet but the committee has decided already & that it should definitely be this week or next that they get sent out.
  13. by   anneross1105
    Hi! I am applying for the absn in Duncan, hopefully we hear soon!
  14. by   anneross1105
    Just talked to someone and they said the desisions were entered in the program today and it takes a while to show up so we should get emails either tomorrow or at latest Friday.