OB Alert in Oklahoma

  1. I don't know if this will help, but I found it in my timesheet yesterday and I just wanted to pass this on. Anything to keep babies safe. I know my information is a little sketchy, but I could find out more concrete information if anyone is interested.

    On Sept. 26th, a couple presented to two Oklahoma Hospitals, one in Ada (Valley View) and at Unity Health Center (I don't know where that is). This couple (the woman, 40 y.o. of Hispanic descent) claimed that she had twins but couldn't remember which hospital she delivered, or anything about the delivery. She said that the reason why she didn't remember anything is because she was given a little green pill that caused this amnesia (my wording). Valley View didn't have her on record as being a patient, she gave three different names, the first name being consistently "Juanita", last name Jimenez, Alvarado, and something like "Shuko".

    She and her partner were taken into custody and questioned, and their story fell apart. The woman was released and it was then she appeared at Unity. She was seen in the waiting area as well as the nursery observation area, and told basically the same story, that she was trying to find her newborn twins.

    If you work OB or see anything unusual in your hospital's OB area, contact hospital security immediately with this information.
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  3. by   martbabynurse
    OB alert in Oklahoma. Unity is in Shawnee, Oklahoma I used to work there for 18 1/2 years. Pretty scary stuff....