New LPN to BSN Program Coming (maybe)

  1. Hey u wonderful OK nurses and future nurses!!!
    My PN class took a trip to the board of nursing today and I am here to give u some details. Universty of Phoenix submitted their propsal(sp?) to start a LPN to BSN program in OKC. They are still working out the fine details so I don't know when they suppose to start. This is what I learned: UOP has only four of the LPN-BSN programs. 2 in Cali, 1 in AZ, and the other in CO. The program that they are planning here will not be online, u will have to attend campus 1 nite a week from 6pm to 10pm. THe campus is off of Broadway Ext. This program will be different because they are planning on taking students with no preqs, therefore it will take an estimated 3 years to get the BSN. However, there is some confusion to how u would fit into the program if u already have all your preqs. That's what they have to work out. Some of the clinical site approved will be Moore Community Hospital and Integris Adolescent Mental Health. They named a few others, but I can't remember. They are willing to set-up clinical sites in your hometown. That's all that I know right now. If u want to know more u have to call them, because it was a little confusing to me. So what I've posted here are the parts that I understood.
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