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  1. Have anyone went to OSU-OKC for there free cna classes and worked for one of the soonercare places to pay it back, is it a good program will it be worth taking the free cna program and traveling a hour and half for 12 days. or should i pay for the cna classes at great plains in lawton, ok and is their program a good program. this is a requirement for me to be able to get in the LPN program in Lawton,ok were i currently stay.
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  3. by   RonnieNichelle RN
    Hello shyred2581, I personally haven't taken the cna classes at OSU-OKC, but I had a friend take her CNA class through them. I've attended college classes at OSU-OKC for 3 years and it's a really good school. I actually recommended she take her CNA classes through them because it's such a good school and its FREE! It doesn't get any better than that! Anyway, my friend liked the program. She didn't have any complaints as far as I knew. So, to answer your question, I do recommend taking their free CNA course. Now as far as you driving an hour and half to attend classes there, that's up to you. I live in OKC, so, that's something you should really think about. Good luck to you and your goals...
  4. by   shyred2581
    Thanks for your feedback I will go and sign up tomm for the next class since it would be worth the drive. By any chance could you ask your friend if you can choose your own clinical site. Are they will assign one to you.
  5. by   RonnieNichelle RN
    You're welcome! I know for a fact that you cannot choose your own clinical site. By you living in Lawton you can probably ask if you can, but I doubt they will do that for you. It won't hurt to ask though. Good luck to you!
  6. by   shyred2581
    Thanks for your response I called this morning and the 12 days include the clinical so i should be fine because i will not be able to take it here in lawton. I have to take it in Oklahoma city I am very happy you responded I really think I would have missed a great free program. Because i was just going to pay for it since i was unsure at first if it would be worth it.
  7. by   shyred2581
    One more question FutureNurse1982 did the program include the cpr or i will have to pay for that before i enroll into this cpr class next week. I am just trying to complete everything on my LPN checklist for admissions.

  8. by   HealthNut11
    Hello, thought I'd help out a little. I took the OSU-OKC class. It was a great program and I had a really great instructor, although she is not longer there. You will have the option of 2 clinical sites both are in OKC usually one may be North the other may be South or East/West. This is to kind of accommodate for people living on different sides of town. Regardless, it will be in OKC. You must have an instructor with you during clinicals. That is the reason why you can't choose your own site. CPR and home health are not included. I would recommend the program, however it really doesn't matter where you go for CNA because at the end of the day you will learn most of your training on the job. And if you are just getting it for LPN requirements passing the state test is the only thing you really need and you can probably do that with any program.
  9. by   shyred2581
    Thanks for the information HealthNut11 i decided to stick with the free one and work as a cna as i attend the LPN program here in Lawton to gain the experience after reading some books and asking other nurses it was highly recommended that i do that. I was not sure at first if that was a wise move but now i know that it is