Is or does any one attend Kiamichi Technology Center

  1. I'm in the process of trying to get accepted to the Hugo School. I take my entrance exam Monday, if I make a 90% on both math and reading, then I'll get a phone call or letter stating my interview time and date. However I wa wondering if there was anyone here already attending or possibly in the same position Im in, or even hav already graduated. can you tell me more about the program. Like color of scrubs, hospitals you do clinicals, interview questions, umm... the instructors, classes. Retention rate, Nclex rate.

    Please and thank you. I really want to get into this school.
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  3. by   bebop12
    hello! wee by this time you should have gooton your letter with your interview date if you passed the test. the scrubs are a lt. blue color that are included with your tution. they go to both paris hospitals and the one in hugo, clinics and home health. not sure the interview q's yet tho. they have a 100% pass rate!! two female instructors.