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  1. im looking into different schools in tulsa, ok and can not decide which one to go with. i originally was very interested in platt college because it seemed like it would be the right fit for me. i was looking for something that i could do full time and finish in the shortest amount of time and start working. my husband is deployed for a year and i have 2 kids so now felt like the perfect time to go. but after reading the reviews, im not sure anymore. most of the are negative,saying not to go there. but it seems like they a few years old so is it all still true? also i was worried about it not being accredited because i want to end up working in either pediatrics, neonatal, nicu.
    i am very excited to start back in to school but i am new to this and want to make the right decision. any information or help would be very appreciated. if you dont recommend platt, will someone please recommend some other good programs in tulsa to look into? i have heard tcc ALOT and tulsa tech. Thank you so much!
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  3. by   Samantha79
    What are you hoping to achieve? An LPN? RN? Going to an accredited school is very important. I am also a military wife with a deployed husband and two kids. If you are wanting to work in specialty care units like NICU you are going to need your RN, and most likely your BSN, which you will only be able to get from a 4 year university.
  4. by   April32
    Yes I'm wanting to eventually probably get my BSN.
    Do you kno any good schools here in Tulsa?
  5. by   Samantha79
    If that is your goal then you should probably go straight for your RN and skip LPN. There are several good schools in the Tulsa area. It just depends on what you can afford, what classes you have already taken, and where you think you will be accepted. Here is a list:

    University of Tulsa
    Oral Roberts University
    OU - Tulsa
    Langston University - Tulsa
    Oklahoma Wesleyan - Bartlesville
    Rogers State University - Claremore
    Tulsa Community College

    All of these schools have information on their websites regarding the programs.

    I would avoid Platt. They are a fairly new program with a VERY low NCLEX pass rate. Tulsa Tech does not offer an RN program.
    You can go to this website for a list of all the schools and their NCLEX pass rate
  6. by   April32
    okay thank you so much for your help!