Clinicals at UCO and OSU-OKC

  1. Hello, I'm planning on applying to the nursing programs at OSU-OKC and at UCO next spring once I have all of my prerequisites finished. I've looked at previous semesters to get an idea of when class times and clinicals are...and I'm starting to get a little concerned. I currently work 8-5 M-F, I have some flexibility with my schedule but need to be at work as much as possible during the day.

    In looking at OSU's classes they seem to be two days per week with a couple hour lecture and then another two days 8-5 of lab

    UCO has various lecture times during the day and most labs only say TBA.

    I've read that UCO offers some in the evenings but OSU-OKC doesn't

    If any current or former students could provide details on clinical schedules it would be very much appreciated!!
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  3. by   ltaylor433
    Hi terilyn89, I don't know a lot about OSU-OKC or UCO's nursing program, but I am a current nursing student at OCCC. In the spring semester they have evening lectures, usually on Tues and Thurs 5:30-8:00 pm. I chose to go there for that main reason. We had lab on Mondays from 8-4ish (which were up until Spring break) and my clinicals were on Saturday.
  4. by   nam6e
    Hello, I did not go to UCO, but I know their schedule is similar to OU. We were told not to schedule anything between 8-5 because that’s time is when class, test, clinicals usually happened. When we had clinicals mine were from 6am to 3 I believe my first semester.

    If you are able to do an 8-5 while in nursing school more power to you, but just finishing that seems unlikely. Also, although both school are nursing programs went you graduate you will have different degrees. UCO will give a BSN osu-okc is an ADN program. If you are wanting to advance in Nursing or get into an NP program the difference might be worth looking into to see the difference. Best of luck either way!
  5. by   lmichelle
    OSU-OKC has lecture twice a week. In my experience, it was always Monday/Thursday, but I know they've changed it and some semesters are other days. Clinical days are once a week, however some semesters/rotations require pre-planning the day before as well as paperwork to be completed beforehand. There are also labs, orientations, volunteer work etc sprinkled throughout each semester. I'm not one to say that you just can't do something, but maintaining a M-F 8-5 schedule while also ensuring you make it to class/clinical as well as adequate study/paperwork time would be very difficult. Most people have jobs, kids, families, etc but I don't know of anyone personally who works M-F 8-5. I know UCO's is even more rigorous/time consuming than OSU-OKC's. Both are great programs. Nursing school is a struggle, but you'll learn and grow so much, and if it is your passion it is so worth it. Wishing you the best!
  6. by   EvilNurse73
    I graduated from UCO about 10 years ago so I'm sure things have changed since then. UCO is very demanding of your time. It is an excellent program though. My school schedule was booked mon-fri with classes, labs, clinicals, volunteer work and certain other stuff (meetings, etc) you had to go to. A lot of my clinicals were in the evening as well as during the day. My last semester we were doing 24-36 hours of clinicals a week plus lecture, etc. Needless to say I felt very prepared to start work as an RN when I graduated!

    I did work during school and was married with 2 small kids. We had ppl who worked full time but they worked evenings/nights/weekends (which is what I did - I had no choice lol).

    Good luck and I hope you find the best program for you! One last thing, after your first semester you can start working as an aide/tech in the hospital. These are great jobs for students because they are flexible with your school schedule and you learn a LOT of basic skills. After 2 semesters you can take the test too get your LPN license. So keep that in mind regarding work and school.