Chamberlain College of Nursing Students!!

  1. I was wondering if there are any nursing students from Oklahoma that is attending the online Chamberlain College of Nursing program? I'm from Oklahoma about an hour away from Muskogee. I'm in the second trimester @ Chamberlain.
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  3. by   sargentrn
    are you in the RN to BSN program?
  4. by   carolyn2180
    No I'm in the ASN program. I wish I was in the RN-BSN!! Do you live in Oklahoma? I'm in the second semester. Taking Lifespan I & Pharmacology I.

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    are you in the RN to BSN program?
  5. by   sargentrn
    I'm from Ohio, are your classes online? I'm just wondering how the online classes are. I've never taken one and I haven't been in school for 15 yrs!
  6. by   katieb1951
    Greetings to all...

    Could you please explain how the on-line program at Chamberlain works? Are the classes taken in blocks? What about pre-reqs?

  7. by   sargentrn
    Chamberlain accepts 87 credits for my nursing degree, which is more than any other school I've found. They require a few prereqs which you can do at the same time as your other courses. Advanced comp, stats and a history. They split the semesters. There's also 3 nursing courses that are clinicals that you do locally, but you can provide a portfolio about your work experience and other things you've done explaining why you should get credit for up to 10 credits for these clinicals. If they accept this, you still have to pay for the credit hours, but you don't have to do the clinical hours. It' $480 a credit hour, which is pricey, but when you compare it to the courses that you don't have to take it probably comes out pretty even. For instance, my local private college is $400 a credit hours, and I had to take 9 prereqs before I started the nursing courses and the nursing courses were going to take me 2 years to complete.
    After July, Chamberlain is going to require a few more prereqs, though. That's why I decided to start this April. I'm not thrilled to be starting school over the summer.
    It is a lot of money no matter what. I just hope I have the self discipline to finish it!
  8. by   katieb1951
    Thanks for all of the info. I appreciate you taking the time to write back...
  9. by   LPN2Bin04
    Hello. I'm so glad i found this thread! Im looking for an online lpn to rn program that i know for sure is approved by the OK board of nursing. Im assuming that this one is since a couple of you here are in it? is it hard to get the process going? i work 8-430 so im finding it hard to do any research after i get home (also have 3 busy kids and housework in the evenings). any info on this program would be greatly appriciated! thanks!

  10. by   toofiesty
    Hi--I'm starting the RN to BSN program this coming Monday--does anyone know how difficult the program is?? Any info would be appreciated!
  11. by   sargentrn

    I have been in the program since last April. I have 3 more classes to go which I think are the most difficult. I had to take the stats through Devry and it was very time consuming, but I made it through. I took the economics class at my local campus, and transferred in the history class. The program isn't too difficult. So far I have a 4.0, but it does require some time and effort. If I can do it after not being in school for 17 years, anyone can. There are 5 of my friends/coworkers in the program, too. If you have any specific questions, you can send me a private message.

    Good luck!
  12. by   toofiesty
    Thanks for the info!! I start on Monday!! I too, will have to take the stats, econ, advance comp (my worse), and the 7 required nursing courses. Did you take 1 class at a time or did you do 2?
  13. by   sargentrn
    Advanced comp wasn't too bad. I would take that next, because it will help you with writing papers. I mainly took one class at a time.
  14. by   axelsmom
    Looking to start in January at Chamberlin, How did you find their classes? Are the classes extremly writing intense? What is the typical format of the classes. How to determine to go to Chamberlin? What other schools did you look at.