Anyone going to Redlands Community College?

  1. I am thinking of going there next year and I haven't heard of anyone on here going there..Hope I do soon I really want to know how it is there. I am taking a campus tour on the 4th. Can't wait to see the nursing area.
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  3. by   okiegrad
    I know lots of RNs who attended RCC. You can check out pass rates for RCC-El Reno and any other school at:
  4. by   Tricia76
    Ok, thank you!
  5. by   Tricia76
    Well I am starting my prerequisites there..May 31st..Yay! So ready to get those done!
  6. by   ChelseaLynn1623
    I just got accepted into the nursing program beginning this Fall! I'm very excited!
  7. by   Tricia76
    Congrats Chelsea!
  8. by   ChelseaLynn1623
    I can't send private messages yet Tricia76, but yes, I'm going to Redlands starting this fall.
  9. by   Tricia76
    Wow thats awesome..I wish I had my prerequisites done so I could be in nursing already.
  10. by   okiegrad
    Seeing lots of RCC students in clinicals and they seem very happy!
  11. by   Tricia76
    Well that is great to know
  12. by   Tricia76
    Wish my pre-reqs were done...I'm still chuggin along lol
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