Anyone going or went to Platt????

  1. Please help!!! I just got a slot in the February LPN program at Platt. I have heard bad stories about them and I have also recently discovered that they are NOT accredited by the National League of Nursing. I really dont want to waste any more of my time or money on a bad program. Does anyone know how important it is for a school to be NLN accredited??? Or does anyone have any GOOD stories about Platt?? The hours are perfect for me and the school is right down the street from my house. I dont want to give up yet
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    I went to Platt. I graduated in June. I would not recommend it. First off since it is a private school it is really expensive. Secondly, there is a huge turnover with the teaching staff. We had 4 A&P teachers before we finally got one that stuck it out with us. The head lady (can't remember her name) is a really hateful miserable woman. They periodically have you fill out surveys about the school and how it is. If you fill it out negatively she comes to your campus and basically chews you out for it. The last 3 weeks of school she came in and said since the pass rate for Platt was low that they were going to try a new technique. The new technique was that you had to take the HESI and pass or they would not release your transcripts for you to take state boards. So our entire class in a panic called the BON and they said that Platt was absolutely not allowed to do that. So then the head lady came back a week later and said well you do not have to take the HESI but it is strongly advised and your transcripts will be sent out. It was a lot of hardwork to go there but I made it out and got my license. I went to the Moore campus and it was new so maybe that is why they were having such a hard time. Im not really sure. Also, they had a hard time finding places for us to our clinicals. Since clinical sites are based on a first pick system the universities get first pick then community colleges, then vo-techs, and then private schools so we never really had places for clinicals. For example for our peds rotation we did one day with WIC and then had to do a HUGE project.

    I have not had any trouble with the school not being accredited. I got my license and am now working in a hospital. I am also going to UCO for my RN. So no problems.

    I will add a note though that since my leaving they have fired a lot of the staff there that were not so great. One thing I really loved about Platt was that they offered a career development coarse that you took right before graduation. It helped you to create your resume and taught you what to do in an interview. And then they provide you with 20 copies of a really nice resume and cover letter. I used all of that and got the first job I applied for right out of school.

    If you have any more questions feel free to pm me.
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