ADN, RNs obsolete in the future?

  1. Hi all! I am currently finishing up my pre-req for TCC's Nursing Program. I'm hoping to turn in my application by the June deadline to start in the Spring of 2015. My concern is that I've heard a lot of talk about ADN's becoming less preferred and will be harder for ADN, RN's to find work in the future as more and more hospitals prefer BSN, RNs. How is this affecting Oklahoma? What about other facilities, are they pushing out the ADN's as well?
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  3. by   ladyvp05
    This is what I need to know. I'm applying for UALR in Arkansas for the fall 2014 year ADN program. And I made a post about it and people have been telling me to not do ADN. But I see many ads on Indeed and in the paper for just ADN nurse. The only ads I see for BSN are for nurse managers. I'm not interested in manager right now. I want to have at least a couple years of experience before I do that. You can do RN-BSN in 1 year and most programs are completely online so you can work at the same time.
  4. by   sjalv
    While the "BSN only" trend might be hitting major areas of the country like San Francisco or New York City, Oklahoma will probably be the last to jump on this train. I know many ADN RNs who have not had any trouble finding work. My cousin graduated last year with her ADN and was hired onto a hospital before she even passed boards, as were many of her classmates.