2013 OU ABSN Applications - page 5

I know from reading previous posts there were a few others that were applying to the OU ABSN program. I just turned my application in about two weeks ago. I'm hoping to be accepted to the Duncan... Read More

  1. by   oilsooner
    Yes, if you call, please post up the date they give you. Obviously, no letter here yesterday.
  2. by   oilsooner
    Called today, and they said Nov 15
  3. by   BoomerSooner31
    Yeah I called today and they said they had been hoping for Oct 15th, but now it will be middle of November. Blah!
  4. by   carlygh
    Ugh...I'm dying here! That doesn't give much time before school starts huh?
  5. by   carlygh
    Oh well I guess we will keep waiting! I wonder if all 40 got their stuff in on time and whatnot?
  6. by   rachel.e.hunter
    Wow. That news was VERY disappointing! Hang in there everyone!
  7. by   rachel.e.hunter
    Does anyone know how second and third choice picks work? Someone said that 40 people picked Duncan as their first choice, but second and third choices have to count for SOMETHING right? So, if someone applied to Tulsa first, and didn't have a high enough GPA for Tulsa, but put Duncan as second and had a high enough GPA for Duncan, would they get picked over someone who put Duncan as a first choice but had a lower GPA?
  8. by   BoomerSooner31
    Rachel, that might be a good question to call the Duncan contact person and ask about! Hopefully they will give priority to first pick students that meet the requirements!
  9. by   carlygh
    Hmm I don't know! If you do call and ask let us know! You'd think it would count for something but who knows!
  10. by   BoomerSooner31
    Does anybody know anything new?
  11. by   carlygh
    Not really! I was told not to worry about checking the mail until after the 9th and that letters would be sent out after that
  12. by   rachel.e.hunter
    Well from what I've heard, everything is on a point system so you get a certain number of points for getting an A in a certain class, and a lower point score if you get a B and so on. So if you have not completed a class yet, they do not deduct points, but you dont get any points for that class. And I think you get extra points towards the school that you put as the number one option. I read this on another site, (no one ever emailed me back about it) but it sounds pretty reasonable. Hope this helps! It just makes me nervous if this is the case because I have not completed two of my prereqs! We will see in a week or two though!! Hang in there, guys!
  13. by   BoomerSooner31
    That's very interesting. Do you remember where you saw it? I hope the letters get here soon!