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OK question about Darton College Healthcare to RN program


OK I am hearing all of this 2nd hand but wanted to see if anyone knew the answer. I was told they have a healthcare professional (EMT-I, LPN. Paramedics) to RN and it is only one day a week for 14 months. The clinical is half the day and the lectures are the other half. Can anyone tell me if this is correct, someone that has been through this course would be a wealth of information to me. I looked at their pre-req list which is WAY smaller than what GPC is requiring. They don't have to take chemistry before biology as we do here, the pre-reqs have some that we don't take maybe one or two at most, I am thinking about getting the ones done they do require and transfer there, I would appreciate any information on this.

Thanks in advance!!


That would be a good idea because darton does offer that program. I was looking into it also, but I just got accepted into the RN program. I took my core at GMC and all my classes transferred. Good Luck :)


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I'm applying for in so I can get started in summer 2011. their application has just been posted and will stay posted until june 15.

It is for healthcare professionals, but no EMT-I. Only paramedics and LPN's as far as I know. I am currently in the Sandersville bridge program and at the halfway point. Great experience so far. My only advice would be to get all of your core out of the way before you begin. Clinicals and lectures are not on the same days. Usually class will be one week and clinical the next. There are exams every class day. Class will usually begin at 0800 and we leave around 1400-1500. Clinicals are usually 7-8 hours long and then you go home. Good luck. Hope that clears some things up for you.