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Ok, need help from one nurse to a future nurse :)

Yes, I need help for my school work.... but don't x me out yet!

For one of my nursing classes we have to interview a nurse with a title of:



Clinical Data Analyst

Chief Information Officer

Nursing Informatics Specialist

Computer systems Analyst

I have tried, unsuccessfully to grab one. Even at my own hospital that I work at won't return my calls.. It's just a quick 5 min interview with basic questions. I know I can make it up its so easy, but deep down I won't be proud of myself. So, now I'm turning to you guys at allnurses.

Here are the questions:

What was your path leading to informatics?

What is the required level of education for your position? What is your educational background?

What is the routine of your typical work day?

Does your facility utilize computer charting?

If yes, what were the steps taken when determining which software/product would be best?

If no, what are future plans?

What is your influence on decisions surrounding the technology in your facility?

And any other topics that you feel are important to this topic. This will be part of my presentation in my informatics class.

I would be so grateful if someone could donate their time to answer these.. I will throw in a gift card of some sort if they give me their address.

Please give me your job title as well and any other information that you feel is relevant.

Thank you so much in advance.

classicdame, MSN, EdD

Specializes in Hospital Education Coordinator.

well, one thing you can report is that these nurses are too busy to do homework for someone. They are afraid of being sucked into a time-wasting vortex. I am sorry you are having this problem but think your instructor should have arranged ahead of time for people to agree to consults.

Thanks april, I will do that. I wasn't aware that there was an informatics thread.

I actually didn't know either, haha. I decided to check when I saw your post and saw that there was one and there were quite a few people viewing it. Good luck with the assignment!


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