OK so I bought a PDA...what do I do with it?

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Please guide me on what I can use this EXPENSIVE techno gadget for? Drug cards? Calculations? What should/can I add to this monster? Should I get a 1 Gig upgrade? Will I use my WIFI? Help!! I am excited but have NO IDEA how valuable this contraption will be in my quest for a nursing degree!!

Come on all you technical gurus-show yourself and help me!


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Specializes in L&D all the way baby!.

The PDA is a good thing. I have Davis' Drug Guide and RNotes and Archimedes. Good stuff for clinical. Here is a good website where you can download some free trials...


I don't have WiFi but I wish I did...I do enjoy my Ipaq!


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Here is a good website for drug references and things like that.


Ask class mates and see what they have to see if you can play around with them and see which one you like. There are tons of programs out there, I suggest putting all of them you can on your PDA instead of having books just to save your back while carrying a backpack. :rolleyes:

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