Ok...Crunch time begins!!


Ok people...6 days until my CPNE.....kind freaking out, actually had a meltdown last night all by myself...everything is just happening so fast...and work has already started orienting me to primary patient care (without letting me know ahead of time!)...and they don't even know when my test date is!! Good thing I took the week off...I'm just really nervous and I dont know what to do with myself.........but on the flip side...I got a new baby niece yesterday!:eek:


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Your work figured out why you took the week off. Good luck!


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I know how you feel, I have 13 days to go before my CPNE, and last night I had a mini panic attack! I was surprised due to the fact that I was very calm and feeling confident up until last night. I went out and bought that Rescue Remedy spray and it help alot! I don't want to second guess what I have studied, since my test date is so close, so I have to stay as calm as possible! I also took vacation the week of my CPNE! Good luck on your exam!

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