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OIIQ french language test exmemptions

by Amy102 Amy102 (New) New Student


I was wondering if I'm exempted from OQLF test.

Exemption criteria*:

1. You have received, full time, no less than three years of secondary or post-secondary instruction provided in French; 
(for example, a medical degree from a university whose language of instruction is French);

2. You have passed the fourth or fifth-year secondary level examinations in French as the first language;

3. From and after the school year 1985-86, you have obtained a secondary school certificate in Québec. 

My situationI currently go to CEGEP in Montreal. I graduated from an English high school two years ago. I was an international student who came right before Secondary 4 started. So, I was exempted from any regular French classes at school along with the June exams and took International courses at school. (I've got the exemption letters from the principal and the government accepted it.) Will I be exempted by the third condition?


Has 13 years experience.

What did they say when you asked them?