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  1. Has anyone taken this before? I have honestly never felt this stupid before. I have looked ahead and that made things worse. After the first week, I asked the TA if the instructor curves and was told no. Well, I know the assignments are not curved...are the exams? I hope so...or I may not make the 80 I need to pass.
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  3. by   MSDH
    Is it an 80 that is required for passing statistics? I thought we needed an 80 in the nursing courses and a C or better in the support courses? How is stats going? I am trying to get into it for the second 5 week course. I absolutely need it so I can stay on track with my nursing courses and graduate this summer, but I dont want it to be a headache of a class. Also, do you have to take the exams somewhere where they can be proctored? please share your experience with this course....
  4. by   boyfactory
    First, I love math. However, the first two weeks were not math related. That is where I had some issues. Now that it is all math, formulas, etc., it has gotten much easier. You are absolutely required to have your midterm and final proctored. I do not live in Ohio, so I had to find a location and pay someone to proctor my exam at the testing center of the local JC. I am taking stats right now with NRSE 330 and NRSE 335. I'll tell you in a couple of weeks how it worked out taking 3 classes, working, and taking care of the family stuff.

    More information on the proctoring qualifications can be found here
  5. by   MSDH
    So...... inquiring minds want to know.... How did you make out with 3 classes in 5weeks? Im signed up for Stats, Nursing Research and gerontology.
  6. by   boyfactory
    I had a 93 going in to the Statistics final, so I am not sure how that will finish. The other 2 grades were both A's though. The statistics grade will be my own fault though. I did not realize the modules were up early (like before start date) and did not look until Tuesday of the first week, when an assignment was due. I spent the first 3 assignments catching up and I think most people were already done. You will do fine, I thought it would be worse.
  7. by   MSDH
    Sooooo...... I'm in Stats WITH 2 nursing courses... This is serious stuff man! Kudos to you. lol. Just a WHOLE LOT of busy work. So, question>>>>>> For Stats, should I use the 10 module assignments and pdf course notes to study for the midterm and final?
  8. by   boyfactory
    I made a notecard with all of the formulas for the mid term and final. I had a notebook where I did all of my practice problems and homework. For the tests, I brought the notecard, my notebook, all of the module notes given to us, and a calculator. It was all I needed. The tests were not as bad as they could have been.
  9. by   cp7ep3
    I am taking Psy 1110 statistics with Sally Weekley in two weeks and I need a book. Does anyone out there have one they would like to sell? Please let me know ASAP!!!!!!
  10. by   ShantheRN
    I took this class last summer and found both books through Chegg. You'll get it in plenty of time.
  11. by   Mia83
    Is Stats hard?
  12. by   cincinursemary
    I took it over the summer as a 8 week class ( 2012). I was surprised to find it wasn't too hard I hadn't taken a math class in over 30 years. I spent a lot of time on it, and it paid off. Wound up with an A.
  13. by   ecdc94
    I relied a lot on the EDUKAN video on you tube. the instructor for the class did little for me.
  14. by   woodsyny
    I took it at another college and it was not bad at all.