Role Call 4510 Spring 2

  1. Anybody else starting this class next Monday? Hope so! A little nervous but going in with my eyes wide open!
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  3. by   msteeleart
    I am starting next Monday too.
  4. by   IrishlassyRN
    I am in too! I am excited to get this process started!! Are you able to see your class listed in Blackboard yet? I can not and am curious if anyone else can. This is my only class for Spring 2...I have two classes scheduled for Spring 3.
  5. by   msteeleart
    I can't see any classes in blackboard yet. I have leadership and global health scheduled for spring 3. I hope that isn't too much. I only have the 4510 class scheduled for spring 2. I wanted to start with 1 class to see how much work this is going to be.
  6. by   woodsyny
    what sections are you in? I am in 099 and 'no' I don't see anything in blackboard yet. I take diversity spring 3,first seeing how much time the courses entail and will progress from there. Still have stats, developmental psych, music and business communications to do besides the 9 nursing courses. Maybe I will finish before I retire! Ya think!
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  7. by   msteeleart
    I am in section 098. I still have to do business comp, music, sociology, and the global health class besides the 9 nursing courses. I am hoping to do the business comp during summer and I may do sociology and music or art at wosu. If we do 3 classes a semester, we can graduate in a little more than a year. I just graduated from my ADN in December and passed NCLEX last Thursday.
  8. by   IrishlassyRN
    Congrats on passing your NCLEX msteeleart! I just graduated in May 2012... I didn't wanna wait too long to finish my BSN... afraid I'd get lazy.

    Woodsyny..... I'm in section 065. I'm taking Diversity and Global Health in Spring 3. I thought I'd start with one class and see how it goes before I attempt two and work full-time.

    I have most of the same classes to complete as you. I also need the stats class. I'm trying to plot out my classes and figure out when I'm gonna do this stats class in order to take NRSE 4550.

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  9. by   msteeleart
    Thanks IrishlassyRN. I decided to go right back and get my BSN since I haven't landed my first RN job yet. I hope employers will think I am motivated since I went right back.
  10. by   IrishlassyRN
    Most employers are happy to hear that you are working on your BSN. Some will provide tuition reimbursement - which is very encouraging! I figure it can't hurt. It's a personal goal for me - so that really motivates me!!! I'm ready to get started.
  11. by   msteeleart
    I am ready too. I am just waiting for the main ethics book to arrive from It would be nice to know what we need to read so we could get started.
  12. by   Agberei
    I'm starting class on Monday as well... Good luck to everyone
  13. by   woodsyny
    4510 is open on blackboard!
  14. by   woodsyny
    Soooooooooo week one down. Are we still alive? Week two looks like a doozy. Try to stay a head of the game on papers for next week and looking at the rubic for one of the assignments...................philosophical forces that guide nursing practice. Oh boy,what fun!