Ohio University Online FNP Program 2018 - Need Input!!

  1. Hello,
    I applied to Ohio University's online family nurse practitioner program for Spring 2018. I should receive an answer sometime this month indicating whether or not I was accepted. I am worried though, because I was not selected for an interview. I guess I should not assume- but I thought that if I got an interview, it would have been a good sign, though not a guarantee for admittance. The wait is making me anxious. I thought I was a good candidate for the program (but who doesn't??). Acceptance seems really competitive, which is what I am looking for. Just hope I make it! Has anyone been recently accepted without an interview? For anyone currently in the program or those who have recently graduated, can you give me a review- good things and bad- so I know what to expect? If I'm not accepted, I plan on reapplying as long as I can find some helpful feedback from current students/alumni.
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  3. by   Danyelle717
    Update: There was an administrative error with my application and it was withdrawn, which is why I never heard back for an interview. My ADN program sent my transcripts to the undergraduate college instead of to the graduate college but admin still entered my application as complete. When they reviewed my application, no transcript was there at the grad college :'(. Once the error was corrected, my application was put in for summer admission. I was interviewed on Feb 20th and accepted Feb 23rd. Let me know if you will be in the summer cohort- I'd love to hear from you!
  4. by   GislaineCabral
    Congratulations!! I will see you there. I got accepted for the summer 2018 as well.
  5. by   LaCabrinha
    Hi. Congrats on being accepted to the program. I started OU's FNP program Spring 2018. So far so good. If anyone is interested in textbooks that I used for NRSE 6010, drop me a line.
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    Are you guys doing the traditional or online?
  7. by   jwheeler1
    I would love some input on this program from students who have taken it. what are the classes like? are their lectures you can listen to? how easy is it to contact the professors? I like how the cost is cheaper but also not sure why it is. I cant seen to find any reviews on the program from students who have already taken it.
  8. by   jwheeler1
    would love to hear feedback about how its going now.