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  1. Has anyone taken NRSE and two GE at a time?
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  3. by   ABDMommy
    Yes. This spring, I took 3 nursing courses and 3 GEs. Time consuming, but doable.
  4. by   workingh
    Was there a lot of work in the GE courses you took?
  5. by   lucy100
    Hi workingh, I was wondering if you signed up for any classes yet? Are you taking 4510?
  6. by   workingh
    Yes,that is my first class.will be taking 4530 and IHS-Tropical diseases in Fall. What are you taking?
  7. by   lucy100
    4510 this summer. I'm still planning out the fall semester. Either 4550 or 4540, both start 8/22.
  8. by   workingh
    I have mapped out the whole program because after many hours of redoing it. Nursing classes are offered in a way that if you're not careful that NRSE class won't be available. I enrolled in 4530 for Summer. That way every 5 weeks I will have a NRSE course.I hopefully will graduate in Aug.
  9. by   ABDMommy
    I took IHS 3700j, PETE, and Art and Hip Hop. There was a lot of work for IHS, but it was only a 7 week class. PETE was easy and so was Art and Hip Hop.
  10. by   workingh
    Thank you so much !
  11. by   workingh
    Just signed up for PETE so that will make the 3 Nursing and two GE. I know I will be busy.
  12. by   lucy100
    Are you taking 4510 and 4530 at the same time? I start 4510 June 13. I also want to take a class every 5 weeks but I don't see any nursing classes offered again until August. I'm afraid to double up classes with 4510. I only need one junior comp class besides the 9 nursing courses. I guess I should get in touch with my adviser.
  13. by   workingh
    Thanks I took PETE for my extra class. Thank you so much.
  14. by   workingh
    I'm only taking one Nursing course at a time for 5 weeks,but i'll take two GE per semester so I can finish this.