Anyone in Chemistry at Clovis this semester?

  1. Is anyone taking Chemistry at Clovis this semester with me? I remember reading about a number of people considering it, so wanted to see if any of us are in it together.
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  3. by   cincinursemary
    Hey, glad to find you, yup I'm in. Wonder how this is going to go. I don't memorize well. 65 elements and symbols.
    How's it going for you?
  4. by   RNinCLE
    Honestly, all I've done so far is to make sure I could log in and look at the syllabus. I'm taking Community at the same time, and since those assignments are due first, that's what I've been working on. I really don't know how an online Chem class is going to go - but what the heck! I think I should at least be able to pass it… I hope.
  5. by   cincinursemary
    seems like from looking at the discussion board posts, there are a lot of OU RN to BSN students in this class. I'm working on my experiment tomorrow. Seems kind of easy... from an elementary school or something. but I'll take easy.
  6. by   Beautifulyou
    How is chemistry going?
  7. by   cincinursemary
    Chemistry is going OK. I was a bit surprised on the first exam. there were some questions on things I didn't even remember reading. I made a couple of dumb mistakes on the metric conversions. But over all I'm doing pretty good and not feeling overwhelmed. Labs are super easy.- so far, so good. keeping my fingers crossed.
  8. by   RNinCLE
    So far I'm very happy. No book to buy is awesome! I haven't taken the exam yet. (All these snow days my kids are getting are killing me!). The labs are easy so far - my 8yo daughter gets a kick out of helping me with them. The professor's lecture notes are actually entertaining - not your super dry typical notes that are painful to read through. When the course initially started, I read through the course objectives and there really isn't anything he's covering that I am uncomfortable with. Hopefully it continues to go well.
  9. by   Beautifulyou
    Thanks guys! I will be following this thread like a groupie! I plan to take this class in August as my last class.
  10. by   RNinCLE
    I am not taking any nursing courses during the second 5-week period, so I am hoping I can knock out the majority of this course before I start 4520 for the last 5 weeks. Honestly, the work doesn't take that long each week - it's very doable.
  11. by   cincinursemary
    Agree! read, take a quiz and do the simple lab and write it up. Maybe 4-5 hours/week max.
  12. by   Beautifulyou
    Wow! you guys just made my day. I pan on taking Chemistry along with junior comp....and then comes the BSN! So do you think the two together will be easy sailing?
  13. by   RNinCLE
    I took Business Comm with Prof Penrod last semester. It would definitely be doable with Chemistry if that's all you're taking. I'm not sure how the other professor is.
  14. by   cincinursemary
    How's it going so far? I'm finding it pretty easy. I just found my proctor. I wonder if the history questions are going to be on final. I can't remember names of people I know, let alone someone from hundred years ago.