Ohio U students--Am I crazy? I want to finish! Taking 2 1/2 classes at once!

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I want to take 4560 and 4550 - each 5 weeks(5/12-6/14) then take 4540 and 4580(6/16 to 7/19) the next 5 weeks and in the back ground be taking child dev'pt from may until august

Then I'll only have 4530 and 4600 to take in fall and I'll be done.

Think it can be done? I work 3 12's one week and 3.5 12's the next week, and do not have any kid responsibilities

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Anything is possible, but I think you're nuts :wacky:


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If you have about 25-30 hours a week to devote to school then it might be doable. If you lighten up over summer and take 3 5- weekers over the semester (each 5 weeks) you will still be done by the end of fall semester. You won't have much of a life if you try to kill yourself doing these. Especially the 4 credit hr classes. I'm not sure which are 4 credit hr. but the rule of thumb is 4-5 hours of work per 1 credit hour.


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I know you are trying to finish as quick as possible, but that looks like a miserable summer! Due to where those nursing classes fall on the rotation, I would still try to get them done in the summer. My suggestion would be to drop the 15 week child development class during the summer and try to complete it in the fall with the other two nursing courses. Although it is more difficult to plan non-nursing courses, ask your adviser if they plan on offering it in the fall. That way, you have 10 miserable summer weeks and a breather in-between. I finished this spring and 4600 was one of the easier nursing classes. Good luck.

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Thanks all. A lot of thinking to do. I'd really rather just focus on exercising and drop school altogether for the summer!! But That can't happen. I'm in 4520 health assessment and promotion right now - holy cow, there's a lot of work. maybe its a sign...who know's how much work is all those other classes. I have time- kid is on his own and no hubby or BF, just not great at the discipline.


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Take it a bit easier, you will put yourself under so much pressure otherwise. I'm taking 2 15-weekers and a Nursing class, and I'm about to loose my mind.

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4520 was super heavy, assignment wise....and annoying lol I started back in May, have taken one nursing class every 5 weeks, and I'll be done in September. I could've been done this summer but I didn't realize some of the classes aren't offered every semester. It still worked out - right now I'm cruising through the end of business communication without a nursing class for 5 weeks. The break is much needed!

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I'm in 4520 right now. Annoying is hardly the word. You are being polite , I have a much stronger word. I finally figured to take child dev'pt with nurs 4550 for 1st summer session child dev and nurs 4580 second summer .

fall will be 4600 in aug/sept , then 4530 and 4560 together october, then 4540 november, then I will edumicated grad-you -ated BSN real nurse on December 6, 2014 at 2359 !!!

Then maybe onto MSN while I'm still in student mode


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4530 is heavy with busy work too-4520 is cake compared to that one. Easy but repetitive to mind numbing.

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