Will they move an LPN to an RN spot if one comes open at Ivy Tech

  1. Does anyone know if they'll move an LPN to an open RN spot at Ivy Tech Columbus if one comes open? I know for a fact that there are 8 spots available in the RN program. Ive asked a couple people in the Nursing department and never get a straight answer. They dance around it and wont give a simple Yes or No. Just curious if anyone has heard of this happening?????
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  3. by   ShantheRN
    Ivy Tech is a CC, right? There's probably a wait list system in place. All you can do is get your name on that list and hope for a phone call. There are people in my class that were called less than a week before classes started to be told there was an opening.

    You'd have to call the RN program directly to get info, but that's my best guess For what it's worth.
  4. by   kco964
    Im already in the LPN program and two weeks into it. Just curious if an RN drops out during the first semester if they'll move an LPN to their place. Ive already contacted two different people in the Nursing Dept and they wont give me a straight Yes or No answer. I was just curious if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone has heard of this happening.