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Hello everyone! I live in Southeastern Michigan and I'm considering the direct-entry MSN program at the University of Toledo. (My bachelor's degree is in accounting.) I am currently working on... Read More

  1. by   rrkeni
    no, I haven't gotten a reply yet. Anyone heard from UT?
  2. by   star840839
    Interviews have been nixed - Was told that the personal essays were all the needed this year to make their decisions...SHould hear final word by end of the month :/ How does everyone feel they did on the essay?
  3. by   rrkeni
    So they didn't focus on GPAs and GRE? Thats strange. I was kind of careless in writing my essay. I didn't write anything on CNL function. I just focused on my future nursing career plans. How was yours?
  4. by   star840839
    My main focus was what lead me to want to be a nurse and what I have done so far (classes work independent study)that will help me become a great nurse. However I think I may have blurred cnl and cns a few times. Emphasized that I specifically want this program and have made arrangements to focus solely on the program. When I visited in Nov I was told by students and staff that gpa and gre matter but the essay was a very important part of the process. If you have stellar grades and gpa and a decent essay you prob don't need to worry though.
  5. by   rrkeni
    me too, I mentioned that I would like to go forward and become and adult nurse practitioner. I talked about why I wanted to become a nurse and what I would use my advance degree for. I check my account everyday to see if a decision has been made. I don't know why but they didnot include my masters degree transript and my pre req transcripts. I e-mailed then twice asking them if they made a mistake but got no reply and they didnot add them either. My husband said it's probably because those are not the requirements for admission.
  6. by   star840839
    I check everyday as well- even on sat and sun and I know that it won't change! I would call them tmw about your transcripts just to make sure. I had some issues from 2 schools that were verrrrry slow to send them to UT. If you don't mind me asking what is your masters degree?
  7. by   rrkeni
    my masters is in public health. They put on my account that " complete. awaiting decision" they themselves took out the names of 2 schools I had added on my lists of school. If something was lacking or delaying, should they have put there that the application package is complete? Maybe they just didn't consider those as requirements.
  8. by   star840839
    I wouldnt worry about it then....Let's keep our fingers crossed that we hear somthing ASAP....Good Luck!
  9. by   LBIHN
    I heard from the admin. analyst this morning that the committee is working on them but she could not tell me a definite date when we would be notified. The CNL FAQ's say 8-10 weeks after closing (Feb. 1) . Guess I wait for the mailman yet another day.
  10. by   star840839
    We're in Week 8.....getting closer!
  11. by   star840839
    Sounds like april 12 will be when we find out....
  12. by   creativetype2007
    where did you apply for PA school? I am thinking about going that route too as well as RN to cover all bases.
  13. by   star840839
    For MSN program - Called last week, said we would know April 12th...Called Tues and they said we would know at end of month...anyone know anything yet??