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Hi everyone, I am a new user to this site and am looking for some answers that seem to be eluding me...OK, so i have been an lpn for quite some time and have decided to finally get off my duff and go... Read More

  1. by   HippyDippyLPN
    I am married with a 1 and 3 year old as well! I went through LPN school as a single gal so I am a little nervous about doing it with kids and a husband. I work 8 hours one week then 16 hours another week at a nursing home so I may have to go PRN when school gets too intense.
  2. by   lucyloo1
    Yeah, thats the only downer is its harder to get in and they only take one class a year. But dont get discouraged, I felt the same way last year and I just told myself Im gonna study as much as I can...thats really all you have to do. They accept the 70 based on there HESI scores...the benchmark is 900 but thats not what you have to get to be accepted.(Thats just what most schools would like you to get) Now once you do get accepted you have to take the HESI like 2 more times and at that point its more scrutinized..if your low in one or more areas you have to remediate those areas till your up to par. I believe on the exit HESI you have to get 900 or better or you wont graduate. REFRESH AND PRACTICE TESTS! Thats the best prep. I went online and found random sites that offered free test questions (theres not many most want $ just have to stumble upon the free ones) And the prep books help a lot.
  3. by   HippyDippyLPN
    Ok so you have to be in the highest 70 scores to picked, then you have to take it 2 more times to make it in? What books did u buy? I am going to order mine off amazon ASAP.
  4. by   HippyDippyLPN
    Did you get in the first attempt?
  5. by   lucyloo1
    You only take it once to get in...yes I passed the first time and had a high enough score to be accepted (thankfully). If your score is too low you only have two other shots to pass (thats typical for many nursing programs). Bad thing is if you do fail you have to wait until the next year for another chance (because Rio takes only one class/yr). Sometimes you cant even retake the HESI for several months at other schools. If your accepted into the program they have you take it again midway basically to see how your doing and if you need work on some areas. The test breaks down for you what your answering well and what your not. Its kind of like insight for the instructors (Many programs want to know their students are on the right track to eventually sit and pass boards. This gives the school/program a better rep) I have heard if you continue to do under par and the remediation isnt working they can ask you to leave the program and try to get back in the next year.
  6. by   lucyloo1
    I ordered two really good books off Amazon...when Im home later I can give you the name author and edition...some are better than others so I reseached what other nurses said were good and thats what I went with. You want to take as many practice questions as you can. Thats what gets your brain on the right'll miss many ?? at first but you'll improve. Remember, just like nclex..hesi ?? Make you think. Theres usually always more than one right answer, its the one thats "more" right according to what the ? Is asking and correct nursing process! Tricky I know..thats why you practice.