Thoughts on Ursuline College BSN program

  1. Hello All! Browsing through all the posts on this forum, I noticed there wasn't a lot of chatter about Ursuline College's Nursing program. I was just curious what's the general consensus about their program/reputation? I'm looking to provide advice/information/direction for a family member interested in applying to their program!

    Thank you!!
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  3. by   OUxPhys
    Ursuline has an excellent reputation in the nursing community. I was accepted into their accelerated BSN program but I turned it down because of cost. That is the one big disadvantage with Ursuline is it is super expensive.
  4. by   ED_RN52
    Thank you so much for your reply! My family member was saying telling me that they were saying the program was about $34k for the second degree accelerated 15 month program. If you don't mind me asking what program did you attend? Would you recommend it? She's looking for an accelerated program!
  5. by   OUxPhys
    34k might be what she has to pay after student loans. It was insane what I would have to cover after financial aid. I went to CSU and did their accelerated program. I thought it was a good program for what it cost.

    Honestly it doesn't matter where she goes as long as she gets that BSN. Case, Ursuline, CSU all are good schools, just depends how much you are willing to pay.