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Is anyone else staring the LCCC ADN program in January? I got my acceptance letter on Wednesday. I was shocked to get it, because the last counselor I spoke with told me I'd be lucky to get in the... Read More

  1. by   MRN717
    I submitted my application for LCCC's ADN A.A.S. last week for Fall 2012 consideration. I have also applied to DeSales, ESU and Alvernia for their BSN programs. I hope at least one of the four accept me for fall. Current student at LCCC.
  2. by   jennylouwho
    Are all of your core classes completed? Psych, soc, etc?
  3. by   MRN717
    I have all gen ed's and pre-req's completed with at least a B, with the exception of A&P II and Stats, which I have this spring. After next weeks' finals I will have 65.5 credits and a 3.61 gpa.
  4. by   jennylouwho
    If you read the other threads you will see long wait times. I was on the list for two years with all my classes complete for a year. It looks slightly better now, but I don't know that you'll make the cut with still needing classes in the spring. They will sort the list by who is done and length of time on the list. It's not impossible, but I wouldn't bank on fall.
  5. by   MRN717
    That would be their loss then as I will be a great nurse. I'd prefer the BSN anyway, but if what I have accomplished in school(credits/gpa) is not enough for them to choose me that is their choice. Heck, I know someone that graduated h.s., took one semester of classes at LCCC in Fall 2010 and was accepted for Fall the rhyme and reason seems odd.
    I always have NCC's ADN program in addition to the three BSN programs.
  6. by   jennylouwho
    Unfortunately, they don't give any preference for GPA, other than you must have a 2.5 to start the program, unless you and five other people are all next and there are only two more spots, then they would look at GPA and give it to the top two spots.

    I had a higher than that GPA than that with only two courses left and it didn't help. But, you might slide through.

    I do not know anyone younger than 20 in the program now, but I only know the night people right now. Next semester I am going to days and will meet more of those students. I'm not saying that you're wrong, but the person who only took one semester after HS, may have taken classes in high school (they encourage them to do so in fact). I know one girl right now who has not taken A&P II, and claims she only waited a semester, so sometimes people do slide through and we're all left wondering WTH happened.

    What is NCCs program?

    Have you applied to CSU? They do their apps at the beginning of the year and your gpa as well as an interview all matter, there's no wait list. If you don't get in one year, you have to reapply the following year.

    Most people in my class all waited two years, with a year of having all of their support classes done (A&P, Micro, Eng, Psych, Soc, etc). But there was a huge bottleneck with all of us rushing to not have to take stats and be grandfathered into the old program and I heard that some are being accepted now with only a year on the wait list. Things change all the time, and I hear people are having a rough time with getting stats out of the way, so you may not have a problem getting in, I just wouldn't think it's definite.
  7. by   MRN717
    I only have two courses left as I have 65.5 credits.
    Sure, but if they believe taking two or three classes in HS is equivalent to the load I have taken in college, well that would be wrong.

    Northampton CC - ADN program


    I don't think it's definite by any means, in fact at best 50/50....I just think that is wrong is all. This is my second time applying, I applied last fall for this fall, but was not accepted.
  8. by   MRN717
    Ummm, I just realized this thread's LCCC is not my LCCC.
    LCCC for me is Lehigh Carbon Community Pennsylvania.
  9. by   jennylouwho
    So, you're already on the list and just reupped your application? That gives you a better shot. Unless you didn't reup your application and had to reapply.

    You're preaching to the choir! I will have enough credits for a Bachelor's by the time that I am done.

    CSU is Cleveland State University.

    I'm not familiar with Northamptom CC. I just googled and it's in Pennsylvania. You're looking at Lorain County Community College in addition to a community college in PA?
  10. by   jennylouwho
    Haha, lol, yeah, you're in the Ohio forum.

    Good luck to you, I hope the wait time at your LCCC is not as long as it is here.
  11. by   MRN717
    Likewise! Hahaha
    I guess my LCCC isn't big enough yet...