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I'm looking into lpn programs in Columbus, and I'm not sure where to go or start, I was reading up on Hondros college and I like that they do the stna in the program and most places make you wait and... Read More

  1. by   Kinsey Jones
    I am a current student at Hondros in the ADN program. Let me start off by saying this entire ordeal with this school is utterly ridiculous.

    I attended this school based on their 70% passing on all classes, I know its stupid but I graduated from an LPN school that required me to maintain an 84% at ALL times. I just wanted a break, so I came to Hondros. The issue is this, after completing my first term and passing all my classes, I returned to the school and at the start of our second term we were told that they have implemented a new rule in the program stating that students are now required to pass ALL NURSING EXAMS with a 78% average, meaning students now have TWO grades in every course that they considered to be a nursing course.

    If students do not maintain a 78% average on ALL EXAMS than regardless of what you have in the class, they will ZERO out your scores and put ZEROS on all your work, so you fail the class. So that means if you have a 85% in the class but your exam scores were only a 77% then, you fail the class, hence fail the term, hence have to repeat the entire term and pay for it once again. That to me sounded fishy, however my class excelled and we all successfully completed third term.

    At this time there are 50 students who surpassed the expectation that they put on us at the last min. Now were in term 3, and at the start of this term we were told that we have another change in our grading system. That for our general education courses(ALGEBRA) that we need to have an 70% to pass the class, however we also can only pass the class if we pass the FINAL with a 70%. This means that we have two separate grades for a the second time since starting the program. This means that if your passing the class with a 80% such as myself, but I fail the final by not receiving an 70% on it, they again will ZERO out my grades and show that I failed the term, which means I would have to repeat it, pay for it again, and retake it.

    Not to mention that the class is a self taught class that is taken online in your home, with minimal days of tutoring and the resources that the campus requires you to purchase so that you can take the class it means nothing, because we were informed in our second term that we needed to purchase our books and we would be allowed to use them throughout the course on test/quizs/ midterms/ finals, and this was along with any notes that we took. Well when time came, we were told we are being put in a room on the campus, monitored by teachers, and the only resource we were allowed to use was the Ebook version of the book that we were required to purchase, and they only mentioned this to the students 2 weeks before the final. So now we cant use resources, we have to be watched to take the final, and we have to use a book that we know nothing about being able to be used. This was unfair and started to make us wonder what the hell is going on with the school.

    The dean offered no remorse or care of concern from multiple students speaking with her, the ohio board of nursing stated the school is allowed to make any changes that they wish, and us as the student suffers. Now we are still in term 3 and we have an OB class. On the 1st day we find out that our teacher is quitting, that the lab teacher quit, and that the instructor who normally teaches the class quit prior to us starting. Until the campus finds replacements, they place an LPN instructor who knows nothing about OB in to teach us a class, and not only is she teaching the class she is also the new lab teacher, again who knows nothing about what she is suppose to do.

    However class must go on, in our first 5 weeks of the 10 week course 80% of students failed the exam. The schools solution was that students are required to not only receive a lecture but to also read the required readings prior to class, and blame is on the student, not the instructor. However before the exam, many students including myself complained not only to the teacher but also the administration staff that they teacher was not teaching us, that all she did was sit in front of the class in chair and talk about random stories of her past related to OB. She never provided any resources, and she never gave page numbers or anything during class for the class to follow along with her while she was teaching.

    Needless to say the school basically said they don't care, and that a new teacher was hired and will be starting soon. The new teacher starts teaching us and now its time for exam 2, and 95% of students passed the exam. We took them statictics to the administration who again looked the other way saying teachers are NOT REQUIRED to have page numbers or handout information, that what she did was great for us, but she is NOT REQUIRED to do so. Almost every student at this time was averaging a 78% on exam scores prior to taking the final(ohh I forgot to mention, the OB class only has 2 exams and a final, and with that you need to average an 78%).

    So students are preparing to take the final and are informed a week in half prior to testing that every campus came together and they have rewritten the entire final, due to PREVIOUS terms cheating. Our teacher is unsure of exactly how the final will be conducted but we are to study everything. She offers students and review class, that if YOU WANT TO ATTEND, you can however IT IS NOT MANDATORY. Many students attend, however many don't, come to find out information that was never mentioned in class is given in the review. Students who did not attend were told to read the book and become as knowledgeable as possible. The final is given and because many students such as myself were on the borderline with the new 78% rule, all but 10 students out of our 50 students, fail the test by 1-3 points.

    Students become upset and irate, we start going to administration, but administration is busy, we start sending out emails, to anyone who will listen. Next thing every student receives an email from our teacher saying from the DON, we as students are allowed to appeal test questions, however it has to be done by that Friday of that week, it is now Wednesday, and in order to appeal test questions, you have to meet with the teacher and review your test, however because its a finals week, the teacher is proctoring other exams with other teachers so students have to wait on them, and or make an appointment with the teacher to review the exam. Many students, make it to see the teacher, however many do not. Today is Friday and I appealed questions on my exam, I am one of the students who are off by 1-3 points, the information I appealed came straight out the book, and some was not even taught to us, or in the required reading that the school stated we must read to know the information.

    At this point if you are planning on attending HONDROS... please consider everything that I have mentioned in this letter, I'm not trying to bash the school, there are good teachers, and administration, however the program has flaws that are unfair to students, and it makes students such as myself feel as though the school is more about money than about the student. Many administration staff stated that they agree that the program, is turning out more for the worse than the better of the students. One staff member mentioned that in his entire time being with HONDROS, this is by far the is the crazy thing they have ever experienced with this school. so I wish you guys luck if you choose to attend the school.
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