Professional Skills Institute LPN Program is a Joke Toledo

  1. Just a heads up to anyone considering attending PSI for their LPN program- DON'T. This school lets anyone into their nursing program, including a lot of people who have no legitimate interest in nursing and are only there because they get paid by the state to be enrolled in classes (and get huge overage checks as well). This school has ONE very small lab for ALL of the students to share, the lab hours are very limited, the teachers don't even follow their own rules. This school is LAX on many things and it hurts their students. SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE AND DON'T GO TO PSI!
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    ALSO- this school has about a 60% rate for completion of their LPN program. The program has four 12 week quarters, and at the end of our first quarter, 7 people failed. At the end of our second quarter, 12 more people failed. We started with close to 40. You do the math.
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    I had to respond to your post because my experience at PSI has been the exact opposite. It seems that many nursing schools are experiencing an influx of students right now. This seems especially true in the Ohio/Michigan area. Both states provide assistance to people seeking degrees in high demand fields like nursing, and residents of both states have fallen on hard times economically. PSI's student population is very diverse, but the students all have one thing in common- they've passed the entrance test and earned the right to pursue a degree there. I am now a senior at PSI and my class consists of STNAs, former medical assistants, factory workers, and some stay at home moms that have made the decision to become nurses. To me, this says that PSI is accessible, and willing to give any person that has EARNED acceptance to the program a chance to pursue a degree. From there, it is up to the individual whether he or she will succeed. In my opinion, a person who is not "legitimately interested in nursing" will quickly fail the program. But who am I, or you, to judge who is really interested? PSI is difficult, and it is true that many classes end up with a small percentage of the students they started with. However, many students that fail a course return to complete the program. Last quarter PSI had a 100% NCLEX pass rate, and in the past it has hovered around 99%. The students that decide to work hard and devote themselves to their education complete the program and go on to pass the NCLEX and become nurses. It's as simple as that. Yes, the lab at PSI is small. Currently they are renovating a much larger space to house their growing student body. I never saw this as a major issue. Nursing school is what you make of it. I am proud to be a PSI student. The nurses that come out of this school are confident, well-educated, and prepared for the challenges they will face in the field.

    If anyone out there is considering PSI I highly recommend it! Just be aware it is an accelerated program. It is difficult, and you will feel frustrated, and overwhelmed at times, but any nursing program will make you feel that way. I am very satisfied with the education I received there, and I know that I'll be a great nurse because of it!
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    I am a recent graduate of PSI. I graduated in December 2010 and might I add I was on the deans list all 4 quarters. I don't understand how you can say PSI is a joke because people fail out. People fail out of all nursing schools. PSI is a very accelerated program and if you don't have the dedication and determination you should not be there in the first place. Most of the people that fail do so because of their own actions, through no fault of the school. Yes the lab is small but I found the open labs to be useful, if you attended. The clinicals are wonderful and I feel very well prepared to go into the healthcare field. As far as the overage checks some people don't get overage checks and 98% of the ones who do have taken out loans to make ends meet while they are in school full time, I don't know what exactly you were trying to imply by making that statement. May I ask if you were one of the 19 that failed and if so put the blame where it belongs with the person not the school. I would be with you in faulting the school if everybody failed, but they don't so it must be a program that works. Sorry that PSI is not working out for you, but I would recommend PSI to anyone interested I would tell them to watch out for 3rd quarter because it is a monster!!! I LOVED MY EXPERIENCES AT PSI!!!!(including 3rd quarter!!!LOL)
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    Sarahrenea & Determined2banurse, did either of you find a job yet?
  7. by   determined2banurse
    Yes I have found a job and I know of at least 5 others in my graduating class that have also.
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    Sarahrenea & Determined2banurse, I was accepted into the Oct 3rd program this year and would like to pursue my ADN/RN degree after I get my LPN. Do you know if this licensing transfers to other schools in the area? If so, which ones? I am from southeast MI but northwest OH would be fine too.
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    I too, am wondering about whether this degree/certificate will transfer? I am from Michigan and would like to have a career past LPN but I do not want to have to take the lpn program AGAIN if this one will not be accepted anywhere. Can ANYONE share their input about this? Does anyone know of a PSI student who has been able to get a higher degree using this programs credentials? I am so confused.... It seems as though the very few positive remarks are written by people who work for PSI. This may be untrue, but that is how it comes across to me.......I wish I could find out more...why is it so hard to find this information????
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    I start the LPN night class at PSI in October!!!!!,,,,,, im soooooo excitedd!!!!!
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    I was just wondering if you plan on a career past LPN? If so, have you looked into how this program would work in trying to get RN or higher? I am very concerned this program is not completely legitimate...Oh congrats on getting to start the program too.
  12. by   sushifiend
    I graduated in March of 2011 from PSI. I took my NCLEX shortly after and it took me a week to find a job! PSI graduates have a very good reputation in Michigan and Ohio. Everyone I am still in touch with from my graduating class is employed.

    PSI is legit. Don't let the lack of online information scare you away. I felt like their website did not give enough information for prospective students, and was pretty impersonal, but I attended based on good things I had heard from former grads. The best way to find out about the school is probably to schedule a 1 on 1 appointment with one of the admissions directors. I always figured they had no need to advertise, since nursing school has become a popular option, and word of mouth was effective in the MI/OH area (they had a 6 month wait when I tested).

    PSI has an agreement with Lourdes College to transfer nursing clinicals and courses completed at PSI for the LPN to BSN program. If you go somewhere else, individual classes like nutrition or a & p don't transfer. If you can take them before attending, I would recommend it. Your license will get you accepted to LPN to RN or BSN programs, but you will probably have to take some general ed pre-reqs (the same you would have to take for any degree).

    I probably sound like I'm employed by PSI because I have so many good things to say lol. I really appreciated the education I got there. I am thankful every day that I attended. As a new grad I had great assessment, and critical thinking skills, and was able to adapt easily to my job. As I go on in my education, I am also surprised at how much I already know. The instructors go above and beyond in the classroom. I have no regrets!
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    Thank you for the information. Makes me feel better about attending PSI in the fall.
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    hello, how much is the program??