Professional skills in Toledo

  1. Has anyone been to or heard of this school? I was just wondering because I was thinking of taking the LPN course. But I'm not sure how the schedule for day classes are, and still try to work part time. Thank you for any input.
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  3. by   renerian
    I just relocated here and have not heard of the school.

  4. by   eborgelt
    I graduated from Professional Skills when they first opened in 2004. The school has gone downhill in the past couple years. They had an incident last year where two nursing students got into a physical fight at a clinical facility. Needless to say, the school is no longer welcome to do their clinicals there. Their NCLEX pass rates were high when I went there, but they have dropped. I have also had 5 people from my graduating class of 21 who were either unable to take the NCLEX because of felony convictions or who have lost their licenses for narcotic violations.
    I went on to get my Rn without a problem, so I obviously learned enough there. But, with the distractions (such as the fight in clinicals) it makes it harder to concentrate. They don't have a very good reputation right now at the 2 hospitals I worked at.
    If you have any more questions, just let me know.

  5. by   somnia_x0x
    I attend there now and I dont know about any of the bad things listed here, but theyre a pretty good school in my opinion. In the class that just graduated, all of them passed first time around and 3 more are waiting to take NCLEX. I feel very well prepared, not only in test taking but I understand the info and i know how to apply it. Our clinicals gave me a lot of experience. The only thing i dont like is that they make you pay for your entire semester befor you can get a refund of money. However, i say all in all the school is pretty good.