Pay for home health r.n. in N.E. Ohio???

  1. I'm interested to know if you can make as much money or more in home health nursing (R.N.) as in the hospital setting in N.E. ohio? not including mileage compensation (since you pay for gas and wear and tear on your car).

    Also, do you get raises (cost of living, ect.) like you would in a hospital? ....i already know the pay can depend on the type of visit, if your salary, ect., but i want to know if when you average it all out if your making a good yearly/monthly income?
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  3. by   Sassy5d
    Depends exactly what type of work you would be doing..

    If you worked as an independent provider home health for the state of ohio. you would make the same rate as an lpn.. 55 for the first hour and then 22 for the subsequent hours.

    If you worked for an agency.. I don't believe the rate would be that much different...

    If it's my understanding.. the only difference in pay rate between and rn and an lpn is in a hospital and a nursing home....

    I have never heard of pay raises doing home health.. but I have heard of pay FREEZES for home health nurses...